How to create design template for gift card

The plugin allows to insert and organize different gift card images in categories. The gallery could be available to users during the purchase of the gift card.
Let’s analyze all the essential steps to configure the gift card templates correctly.

First enable the “Enable photo gallery” option in the plugin settings panel. The option can be overridden from each product page.

template design

template design product

Go to “Media > Gift Card Category” and insert all the categories of gift card templates you want to create.

Gift card category

Insert a new image in the “Media library” and edit it. Choose media “list” display mode to get a better overview of the “gift card categories”.

Edit media

Select the category you want to associate with the image you have created.

Set category to media

Now users can select a template, using the “Choose design” button, they will see the templates you’ve made available.

Select template - User side