Actions on gift card

Gift card orders

Each gift card is connected to an order in your shop. The plugin allows you to automatically change the gift card status in case the order acquires a “cancelled” or “refunded”status.

gift card orders

In both cases, the gift card status can become:

  • “disabled”: it’s a temporary status which you can manually change, on administration side. In this status the user can not use the gift card.
  • “Dismissed”: this status is irrevocable and the user can no longer use the card. Even if blocked, it will still be shown to shop administrator in the complete list of gift cards (example below).

Dismiss gift card

Applying gift card code

Decide where the customer will be able to apply his gift card code.

apply gift card

  • Apply gift card code on cart page: Customer will be able to add his gift card code in the cart page.
  • Apply gift card code on checkout page: Customer will be able to add his gift card code in the checkout page.

In the dropdown menus you can select the exact position of the form. By enabling “Display the form directly” the customer can insert the code immediately instead of clicking on the link.

apply code


Set a minimum amount for the cart, customer can only apply the gift card if the total amount of the cart is higher than the given value.

minimal amount cart