Create a gift card

If you want to create a new gift card directly from the back-end without creating a new order, go to Gift Cards dashboard and click on the “Create code” button.

Insert the identification code to associate with the gift card.

To associate the purchase value to the gift card, you must configure the following fields:

  • Purchased amount: gift card amount
  • Current balance: current purchasing power of the gift card

With regards to “virtual” gift cards, you must enable the “Digital” checkbox and complete the required fields.

PLEASE NOTE: If no email is inserted in the “Recipient email” field, the system will associate the gift card with the site administrator’s email address.

If it has a delivery date set, then, it will be automatically sent. Yet, if it has no delivery date set, you will just have to go back to the Dashboard and click on the email icon: the email will be sent immediately.

Send email