How to create a gift card from backend

If you want to create a new gift card directly from the back-end without creating a new order, go to Gift Cards and click on the “Add new” button.

Add new gift card from backend

Insert the identification code to associate with the gift card.

Please note – insert a code in conformity with the pattern configured in YITH Plugins -> Gift Cards -> Code pattern

aSet gift card code

To associate the purchase value to the gift card, you must configure the following fields:

  • Purchased amount: gift card amount (taxes included)
  • Current balance: current purchasing power of the gift card

With regards to “virtual” gift cards, you must enable the checkbox highlighted in the screenshot below and complete the required fields.

Digital gift card info

PLEASE NOTE: If no email is inserted in the “Recipient email” field, the system will associate the gift card with the site administrator’s email address.

How to edit a gift card from backend

It is possible to edit all gift cards registered on the shop from the back-end in the available gift card list.

Edit gift card

You can manually edit all the gift card details.

In this way, you can correct possible mistakes users made during the purchase, such as a wrong email address or delivery date.

How to add internal note to gift card edit page

The administrator can include custom notes in each of the gift cards registered on the site.

You can insert the notes in the “Internal notes” field available in the gift card editing page.

Internal notes

If the field does not show, please check if you have enabled the “Internal notes” option in the general plugin settings dashboard.

Enable internal notes option