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Dashboard – Create and manage gift cards

Create a gift card

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If you want to create a new gift card directly from the back-end without creating a new order, go to Gift Cards > Dashboard and click on the “Create code” button.

Create gift cards from backend

Insert the identification code to associate with the gift card or enable the option Generate automatically a code when creating a gift card post that you can find in the tab General > General settings to create the code automatically.

You can easily generate a random gift card code by clicking on the Generate code button, which will create a new code based on the gift card code pattern defined in the plugin settings.

How to generate gift card code

To associate the purchase value to the gift card, you must configure the following fields:

  • Purchased amount: gift card amount
  • Current balance: current purchasing power of the gift card.

With regards to “virtual” gift cards, you must enable the “Digital” checkbox and complete the required fields.

Create a digital gift card manually

PLEASE NOTE: If no email is inserted in the “Recipient’s email” field, the system will associate the gift card with the site administrator’s email address.

If it has a delivery date set, then, it will be automatically sent. Yet, if it has no delivery date set, you will just have to go back to the Dashboard and click on the email icon: the email will be sent immediately.

Send email

Edit a gift card

It is possible to edit all gift cards registered on the shop from the back-end in the gift card dashboard.

How to edit a gift card

You can manually edit all the gift card details.

In this way, you can correct possible mistakes users have made during the purchase, such as a wrong email address or delivery date.

Send gift cards with bulk actions

If you need to simultaneously send multiple gift cards without having to apply this action one by one, you can use the bulk action available in the plugin Dashboard.

Bulk action on gift cards

This can be useful when manually creating some virtual gift cards or after importing them via a CSV file and you want to send them all with just a few clicks.

General settings tab

From the tab General in the plugin panel, you can configure all the options that will globally apply to your gift cards. Let’s start with the first options available in the section

General settings

Gift cards general settings
  • Date format: through this option, you can choose the date format to use for the delivery date or gift card expiration, etc.
  • Disable code generation in physical gift cards: enable this option if you want to override the default behavior to generate the codes automatically for your physical gift cards.
  • Disable code generation in virtual gift cards: enable this option if you want to override the default behavior to generate the codes automatically for your virtual gift cards.
  • Gift card code pattern: here, you can set the pattern to generate the codes of your gift cards.
Automatic code generation for gift cards
  • Generate automatically a code when creating a gift card post: enable this option if you want to generate the code automatically when creating a gift card manually from the backend.
Gift cards general settings options
  • Title for “Set an amount” section: enter the title that will show in the area where users can select the gift card amount (fixed and custom).
Set an amount title
  • Prevent the use of a gift card to purchase another gift card: enable this option if you want to prevent users from purchasing a gift card with another gift card. Note: this option doesn’t work when gift card codes are applied to the WooCommerce Coupons field.
  • Enable Shop Managers: enable this option to allow shop managers to manage the plugin settings.

Global settings

The options in this section will apply to all your gift card products. It is, however, possible to override these settings from the product edit page.

Gift cards global settings
  • Allow custom amount: enable this option if you want users to insert the amount of the gift card manually.
  • Minimum custom amount: insert a value for the minimum custom amount that users can insert when purchasing the gift card. Leave empty if you don’t want to set a minimum amount.
  • Maximum custom amount: insert a value for the maximum custom amount that users can insert when purchasing the gift card. Leave empty if you don’t want to set a maximum amount.
Minimum amount message
  • Gift card expiration date: insert a value (in months) for the default expiration of your gift cards. If you don’t want them to expire, set the value to 0. To manage the gift card expiration at the product level, go this page.

Gift card orders settings

In this section, you can choose the actions to apply when orders including a gift card are canceled or refunded and where autocomplete orders or not.

Gift cards order settings
  • When an order containing a gift card is cancelled: choose the action to apply on gift cards included in the canceled order from Do nothing, Disable the gift cards or Dismiss the gift cards.
  • When an order containing a gift card is refunded: choose the action to apply on gift cards included in the refunded order from Do nothing, Disable the gift cards or Dismiss the gift cards.
  • Autocomplete gift card orders: by enabling this option, orders including only gift card products will be completed automatically.

YITH Multi Vendor option

If you also use the plugin YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor, you will find an additional option in the General tab:

  • Gift cards vendor restrictions: by enabling this option, you can limit the possibility for users to apply the gift card codes only on products of the vendors to which the gift cards have been assigned by the global admin. Vendor commissions will be generated when purchasing the gift card. In case the remaining balance of the gift card, if any, is used on another order, the commission will be generated only for the actual amount paid.

How to create a “virtual” gift card product

For each gift card type you want to sell, you’ll need to create a new “gift card” product type. Add a new product and choose “gift card” type.

To create a virtual gift card, you will have to select the checkbox “Virtual“.

How to create a virtual gift card

The price of the gift card can either be a fixed amount or have variable amounts (including the manual amount option).

Fixed amount

For a fixed amount you decide the amount of the gift card. During the purchase, the customer will only see this price, there are no other options.

Variable amount

In case of a variable amount, the customer has the possibility to choose among pre-set amounts or manually insert the amount of the gift card.

To make this possible, you must enable the option “Enable/disable custom amount” in the plugin general settings.

You can also decide the minimal amount the customer needs to add to be able to purchase the gift card.

Override gift card custom amount

If you want to sell the gift card at a discounted price, enable the option Add a discount. Enter the discount precentage value and, additionally, a text.

Set a discount on the gift card

If you have set a global expiration for your gift cards, you can override it by enabling the option Override global expiration settings.

Override global expiration

Finally, you can also exclude one or more product categories from gift card use. By enabling the option Exclude product categories users won’t be able to redeem the gift card code on the product categories you have selected.

How to create a “physical” gift card product

To create a physical gift card (non-virtual), make sure that “Virtual“ is not checked. The product setting options are the same as the virtual gift card options. The only difference is, that there is no “email” field shown to the customer since the gift card will not be sent digitally.

Create a physical gift card

By default, the system will associate a code to the gift card, after the order is completed. You will need to replace this code with the code that is specified on the gift card that has been sent physically. You can edit the code in the “gift cards” dashboard.

“Pre-printed” gift cards

The default gift card behavior to generate the codes automatically can be changed by activating the related options that you’ll find in the plugin general settings. You can decide to disable the code generation for physical and/or virtual gift cards by activating the options shown in the image below from the General settings tab:

Pre-printed gift cards

When an order with a “pre-printed” gift card is made, the order status will show a bell icon to notify about it.

Pre-printed gift cards on Orders page

In the order page, you can insert the gift cart code linked to the pre-printed o custom gift card you will send (only for completed orders).

The new gift card with the code you inserted will be available in the Gift Cards section, only after saving the order.

Pre-printed gift card

In case the order is completed but no code has been assigned to the gift card yet, no email will be sent to the customer.

Set a gift card expiration

If you want to set an expiration date for a specific gift card product, select it in the product edit options. In this case, the date should be specific and not a value in months like the default option set in the global settings.

The gift card expiration date is included in the email sent to the user.

This setting is not retroactive and will be applied only to the gift cards created after editing the expiration.

If you want to, once the gift card is created, the admin can, however, change the expiration date on the single gift card.

Discounts/markup on gift card price

Do you want to offer your users a discount on the gift card price? For example, get them pay $8 and get a gift card worth $10?

Or do you need to charge customers an extra fee on the gift card price?

You can! Both on virtual and pre-printed gift cards.

You will be able to see two dedicated boxes in the gift card product settings details, where you enter the percent discount on the gift card price and a custom text to explain this clearly to your customers.

Gift card discount

About markups, you can use the same option by inserting a negative value. The final amount will be calculated according to this value after adding the gift card to the cart.

How to add a markup to a gift card

Markup example

Please, note:  the discount/markup will be effective in the cart and this feature does not apply to gift cards with manually entered amounts.

How users can manage a gift card

In this section we will analyze all the actions that users can take, from purchasing a gift card to using it as a coupon code.

Once the gift card product has been created (please, refer to this page), the user will be able to select the amount and fill in the form with all the required information.

Gift card form

Let’s see what we can find here and how each section works.

  • “Choose your image”: let the customer choose between the preset images or upload a custom one.
  • “Set an amount”: the customer can choose one of the preset amounts and/or enter a custom amount (depending on the configuration of the product).
  • “Delivery info”: here, the customer can fill in the information related to the gift card, like the recipient’s name, email, and a message for him/her.

If the option “Allow the user to choose the delivery date” has been enabled (from the Recipient & delivery tab in the plugin settings), the customer will be able to select a date for the gift card delivery in the future.

Let users choose the delivery date

Please note: in case you add multiple recipients, it would not be possible to set a different delivery date for each of them from the same for. So, in that case, you can fill out the gift card form multiple times, once for every different delivery date.

Once the form has been correctly completed, the product will be added to the cart and is ready to be purchased. The email, containing the gift card code, will be sent to recipients only after the order has been completed.

Gift card in “My account”

Right inside the “My Account” page, all users can keep track of all the gift cards they own. The gift cards are linked to the recipient’s email.

As you can see in the example above, it is possible to have access to orders related to each used gift card. Also, it is possible to apply the gift card automatically to the cart by clicking on the “Apply this gift card” link or add a new gift card to the account using the “Add new” button.

Shop logo options

You have the possibility of insert the shop logo in the gift card templates sent to the recipient.

You can find the options to set up a logo for all your gift cards in the Style tab in the plugin settings (YITH > Gift Cards > Style).

Add shop logo to gift cards

Additionally you can also add the shop logo after and/or before the gift card image. If you enable these options, you will be able to select the alignment of the logo between left, center and right.

Gift card design options

Still in the Style tab, you’ll find a specific section “Gift card design options” that allows you to edit the gift card product image and the gift card gallery. Let’s see all the available options.

Gift card product image

Gift card design options 2

Default gift card image: upload a image that will be used as default product image for all your gift cards. You can, however, override it when you create a new gift card product and leave empty if you don’t want to apply a default image.

Please, note: this setting applies only to virtual gift cards.

Product image

Title for “Choose your image” section: enter a title for the ‘Choose your image’ area on your gift card page.

Gift card image gallery

Enable the gallery: allow users to pick the gift card image from those available in the gallery. Note: images that can be used by customers have to be uploaded through the Media gallery. To make the search easier, you can group images into categories (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, etc.) from YITH > Gift Cards > Image categories.

If enabled, you will see more options to configure the gallery section on the frontend.

How many images to show: Set how many gift card images to show on the gift card page, excluded the default product image. Other designs will be shown when the customer clicks on “View all” button.

Text for “View all” button

Show image title: Enable if you want to show a title below every image in the gallery when clicking on the “View all” button.

For more details about how to configure a gallery, please, refer to this page.

Custom image upload: enable if the customer can upload a custom image/photo for the gift card. If enabled, you can also see the following options:

Enter a recommended image size (in pixels) for custom images.

Set a max size in MB for custom images (this is a required option).

Upload image options
Upload custom image

Plugin design options

Finally, in the Style tab, you can find the Plugin main color option that allows you to select an accent color for all the plugin related options. This color is used for highlighting the selected image, the selected gift card amount and the overlay color in the image gallery.

Plugin main color
Plugin main color - frontend 1
Plugin main color - frontend 2