Gift card code pattern

A code will be associated to each gift card automatically, created based on the pattern previously set in the plugin general settings.

Use ‘*’ as a placeholder that will be replaced by a random character. Leave blank for default pattern ‘****-****-****-****’.

The administrator can customize the pattern. For example, you can generate the codes with the pattern yith-****-**** where each “*” is replaced by an alphanumeric character. In this way, you will get the following codes:


Set a gift card expiration

By default, the gift cards that have been created automatically will not have any expiration date.

If you want to change this behavior, go to plugin settings dashboard and set the validity of all gift card in the  “Gift card expiration date” entry.

You must set the value by months. For example, if you want all the sold gift cards to expire in twelve months, you must set the value as 12.

On the other hand, you can also set an expiration date to a specific gift card product, selecting it in the product edit options. In this case, the date should be specific and not a value in months like the default option.

The gift card expiration date is included in the email sent to the user.

This setting is not retroactive and will be applied only to the gift cards created after editing the expiration.

If you want to, once the gift card is created, the admin can, however, change the expiration date on the single gift card.