General options

general options

  • Box title: allows you to edit the section title where all related products are.
  • Image size: this allows you to set the images sizes for the products shown in “Frequently Bought Together” section in product detail page.


If you enable the option “Hard Crop”, you will have to regenerate the images in your shop.

  • Redirect to checkout: customer will be redirected to checkout automatically.
  • Discount name: name of the discount that will be visible in cart and checkout.
  • Box position: this allows you to decide where the section “Frequently Bought Together” is shown:
    • Below product summary
    • Above product tabs
    • Below product tabs
    • Use shortcode [ywfbt_form product_id=””]

Label and style options

labels and stye

  • Total label for single (double/three) product: Change the text shown above the add to cart button in “frequently bought” section.
  • Button label for single (double/three) product: Change the text of the add to cart button in the “frequently bought” section.

frequently options

You can customize it for one, two or three products. If more than 3 products will be shown to users, the text added in the option “Total label for multiple products” and “Button label for multiple products” will be shown.

If users exclude one of these products and add the other to the cart, the text will be dynamically updated according to the values specified for each option.

Style optionscolor settings

Using the following options you will be able to edit colors for the “Add to Cart” button in the plugin and change:

  • Button Color
  • Button Hover Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Text Hover Color