How to show price table for quantity discount rule

The price table is a specific table created and configured to be shown on the detail page of a specific product to inform users about the price based on the quantity.
To show the table, the rule must have specific conditions:

  • the discount must be of “Discount Mode” type
  • “Show table” option must be active
  • in “Apply adjustment to” must be selected “Same product”

At this point, you only need to select in “Apply to” the products on which you want to show the table and configure prices and related quantities.

In the example below, the table has been configured to be shown on the “Tablet Cover” product.

Show notes in the price table

You can add custom notes to each price table you create. You can configure this option in the rule settings in Notes shown in quantity table. The note will be added soon after the table.

For other options that apply to all quantity tables of your store, like position of the table, custom labels and layout, please, refer to the general settings page here.