How to select products for “gift products” rule

The gift products feature allows you to offer free products when users add to cart one or more items you previously selected.

Before analyzing how to configure the rule details, you must know how to select products that will apply the rule and the products you will offer as a gift.

Select the products, categories or tags on which you want to apply the rule in the “Apply To” field. The products added to this field will be the ones that users have to add to the cart to benefit from items offered as a gift.

After selecting products, specify the number of items that must be added to the cart by the users in the entry Total items in cart. Specify if the number must be higher, lower, equal or not, then insert the value.

Now, you must select the products that you want to give as a gift by adding them to the field Gift Products. You can decide the number of products allowed through the option Gift products allowed. According to this value, users will be able to choose the number of gift products available from those previously selected.

To inform users about the gifts you are offering, you can show a custom message on the pages of the products selected in Apply to.

Example (frontend)

We want to offer a product as a gift to choose from Cap, Beanie and Album to users purchasing more than 2 T-shirts.

On the product page, the user will see a message informing of this opportunity.

After adding more than 2 T-shirts to the cart, the user will be able to choose the gift from a popup that will open automatically.

The user chooses the Cap. The free product will be then added to the cart as shown below.