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Balance payment

By enabling the “Deposit expiration” option, you can apply a validity time frame on paid deposits and decide when an order with deposits cannot be completed anymore. You will get two options, the deposit expires:

  1. After some days from its creation
  2. On a specific date

1. After some days from its creation


Thanks to this option, you force users to complete the order within a specified number of days since payment of the deposits. You can set the value for validity time frame in “Days before expiration”. If orders are not completed within this time frame, the plugin allows you to choose between the following:

  • do nothing: the order status goes to “cancelled” and appears among WooCommerce “Orders” page.List of orders to be refunded
  • refund deposit for product: if users have paid using PayPal, the amount paid will be automatically refunded and and order status switches to “refunded”.

2. On a specific date


  • Expiration date: select a specific date from the calendar
  • Product Status: decide what will change in the product, when the deposit expires:
    • Do nothing
    • Disable deposit
    • Make item no longer purchasable
    • Hide item from catalog visibility


  • Expiration fallback: decide what will happen after deposit expires, either do nothing, or refund the deposit for the product.


If you are organizing an event, and the deposit needs to expire 7 days before the event date. You can set the ‘specific date’ to the date you wish, and decide what will happen after that date. For example hide the item completely.