Purchasing with a deposit

Let’s analyze what happens during a purchase with a deposit, describing all steps. In our example, the user adds two different products to the cart and decides to pay one product completely, and the other one (“UNCHARTED 4”) with a deposit: the deposit is 5£ (amount set in the option panel).
In addition to the order total, shipping fees will be added for an amount of 10£.

The cart will look like the following image.

Cart page

The total amount of the order will be composed by:

  • the amounts of the products for which no deposit is requested (50£)
  • the total of the deposits available in the cart (5£)
  • the shipping fees, if available (10£)

The order total of our example will be 65£.

Once sent, the total will be available in the “Thank You” page, explaining in detail the already paid amount and the remaining due payment.

Thank you page