Configure deposit settings in the free version

Admins can let users pay with a deposit for all shop products or only a part of them. In the first case, you have to activate the “Enable deposit” option, in YIT Plugins -> Deposits and Down Payments.

Enable deposit

At the same time, set the amount requested with the “Deposit Amount” option.

Deposit amount

Now users will be free to pay the complete order immediately, or pay with a deposit, as showed in the following image.

Product detail page

On the contrary, if you want to force users to pay a deposit, activate the “Force deposit” option you can find in YIT Plugins -> Deposists and Deposits Payements.

Mandatory deposit

Product detail page

In this case, when users add a product to their cart, they will have to pay the amount of the deposit, and not the complete price of the product.

Cart page

Product page - Administrator view