Order delivery

The order delivery can be managed through two different systems: classic mode, or carrier delivery system.
Regardless of the system you choose, you need to configure the following settings.The settings about the classic mode must be configured in the plugin settings dashboard. On the contrary, the settings about the carrier delivery system must be configured one by one in the specific carrier configuration page.

“Classic” delivery system

Delivery Settings - Classic System
Slot Time - Classic System

“Carriers” delivery system

Delivery Settings - Classic System2
Slot Time - Carrier System33

Delivery settings

The first step is to configure the general settings related to the order delivery

  • Estimated Delivery Day: number of days required for the order delivery
  • Workday: workdays on which the deliveries happeng; the user can’t select non-workdays for the order delivery in Checkout page
  • Maximum days that can be selected: number of days that can be selected since the first available delivery date (non-workdays included in the range can’t be selected during the checkout).

Slot Time - Carrier System