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How to link a custom URL

You can add a new menu item in My Account with a custom URL.

add new link

To create it, just go to YITH > Customize My Account Page > ‘Endpoints’ and click on the ‘+ Add link’ button.

link creation

  • Link url: Clicking on this endpoint will redirect you to this link.
  • Link label:  Name of the endpoint
  • Link icon: There are 3 options:
    • Don’t show an icon
    • Show a default icon (select a pres-set icon from a list).
    • Upload a custom icon (upload an image of your choice).
  • Show link to: Either all users, or users with a specific role.
  • User roles: Only the user roles you select here, will be able to see this endpoint.
  • Open link in new tab: Decide if the link will open in a new tab or on the same page.

link my account

Once you click on the endpoint in the my account page, you will be redirected to the linked page immediately.