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How to create a new Group

Endpoints or custom links on My Account page can be grouped to keep your page usable and easy to navigate. To create a new group go to YITH > Customize My Account Page > ‘Endpoints’ and click on the + Add group button.

add group

For every group, you can edit the following information:

  • Group label: Name of the endpoint.
  • Show open: Group is open by default (only for vertical style).
  • Group icon: There are 3 options:
    • Don’t show an icon
    • Show a default icon (select a pres-set icon from a list).
    • Upload a custom icon (upload an image of your choice).
  • Show group to: Either all users, or users with a specific role.
  • User roles: Only the user roles you select here, will be able to see this endpoint.

new group creation

After that, you can create all the endpoints or links you want to include or simply move the ones that you’ve previously created.

You can order items by dragging and dropping them. Make sure you indent the item to include it in the group, so they become subitems of the group.

group and subendpoints

The my account page will now have a more organized outlook.

group frontend