General information

The plugin registers all the actions made by the users on your site, such as the visits to the pages, searches, products added to cart and purchases.
Regardless of the fact that the users are logged or not, the plugin will register all their actions on your site.

The sessions about users registered to the site with the “Customer” role are available in the section:
“Customer History -> Customers & Users -> Customers”.

Customers list

You can check the sessions about users with a different role in:
“Customer History -> Customer & Users -> Other Users”.

Remove user

You’ll have the possibility to remove users, it’s a shortcut to remove the user from your WordPress installation.

Customers & Users

The general screen of the plugin allows to have an overview of all the users logged to the shop, showing the following information:

  • total orders
  • number of orders with a “pending” status
  • number of orders with a “refunded” status
  • total amount of the registered orders
  • order average amount

Customers list

Click on the user to access the details of his/her activities on your shop.

Customer details


Customers’ order list

The plugin offers the possibility to view the list of orders made by the customer directly from the order details page in WooCommerce > Orders.



All the actions made on the site by logged users are saved in Customer History -> Live Sessions.


A new record will be recorded in the tab whenever a logged user makes one of the following actions:

  • a page of the site has been visited
  • a product has been added to the cart
  • the order has been completed
  • one or more words for the search have been inserted in one of the site search forms
  • IP address used by the user to do the operation
  • Referer url

By default, the administrators’s sessions aren’t saved in the tab.
If you want them to be saved, all you have to do is set to “yes” the value of the “Save “admin” sessions?” in “Customer History -> Settings” option.

Customer History - Settings

If you want to record also the sessions generated by the BOT (such as the Google ones), you need to enable “Show BOT sessions” from the plugin settings dashboard.

Show bot sessions



All the search keys typed by the users, logged or not, within the search forms available on your site are registered in “Customer History -> Searches”.



You can trace the number of visits each site page recorded back in “Customer History -> Statistics”.

Customer History - Statistics

In “Searches”, you can check how many times a search key has been typed.

Statistics for search

In “Total spent by user” you can check the total amount spent by user in your shop.

Total spent by user


The plugin allows to send one or more emails to a specific user manually.
All you have to do is click on the specific button that you find in the “Customers” section or in the detail page.

Send email to user

Email details

All the sent emails will be collected in “Customer History -> Emails”.

The email address and the sender’s name can be edited in “Customer History -> Settings”.

Customer history settings

Backup import / export

The plugin allows exporting all the current data related to “Sessions”, “Searches”, “Emails” and “Statistics” that it has registered.

To export the data, you need to access the plugin settings dashboard and click on the Download button.
The export generates a .xml file.

Download backup

On the contrary, if you need to recover a backup previously exported, click on the “Import” button and select the file.

Backup import

Empty tables

Bigger the traffic on your site, higher will be the data recorded by the plugin in the database.

From the plugin settings dashboard, you can delete permanently:

  • all the session data recorded
  • all the search keys saved
  • all the emails sent through the plugin

Empty tables