How to use exclusion list

Exclusion List includes all products that must not be affected by plugin settings. Exclusions can be managed separately for Add to cart button and for price.

Exclusion list

If you want to use this table, firstly you have to specify what you want to hide (“Add to cart”, price or both), then enable the “Exclusion” option and, if want, also enable the “Reverse Exclusion” option. Note: if you hide the price, also “Add to cart” button will be automatically hidden.

Options panel

You can choose to show price and/or “Add to cart” button for every new product added to the list.

Insert nre product in exclusion list

If you enabled “Show ‘Add to cart’ in items of the ‘Exclusion List’ “ option, general settings will be applied to all the products in the shop, except for those inserted in the Exclusion List.

Reverse exclusion list

“Hide “Add to cart” button only in items of the “Exclusion List” (Reverse Exclusion)” option allows to change the concept of exclusion chart use.

Active reverse exclusion list