Hide price and add to cart button

By using YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode you can hide price and “Add to cart” button for all products in the shop. Before explaining how to do it, you must know that if the product price gets automatically hidden, the same happens to “Add to cart” button.
In order to hide price and/or “Add to cart” button for all products in the shop you must enable the fields you find in YIT Plugins -> Catalog Mode -> Settings, and highlighted in the following image. (Ignore the first if you are interested in hiding only “Add to cart” button).

Price and Add to cart" button

When price is hidden, you can insert a different text to show as replacement.

Alternative text

Unlike “Add to cart” button, when you hide price you can’t choose in which pages to apply the action.
Price (and consequently “Add to cart” button) will be removed in all site pages.

By default, settings affect all users: however, you can choose to limit configured rules only to unregistered users or, thanks to geolocation system, to all users who log in to the site from one of specified nations.

Affected users

Affected users - Select countries

If you want to show price and add to cart only to users connected from one of the specified countries, enable “Reverse Selection”.

By default settings are applied to all the products in the shop, however general rules can be changed and customized

By multiple or single products and/or by categories. Read the following page to learn more.