How to filter product selection

The shown products of the page can be filtered by title, description, SKU, category, tag, color, price, weight, status, catalog visibility, shipping class, product type, and attributes.

Filters for bulk

For Title, Description, and SKU, you can insert a value after selecting one of the following options: Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Ends with or Regular expression.


The list also includes variable products. If you want to add the single variations of the shop products, flag the “Include Variations” option, and every single variation will be editable just like any other product.

variations filters

There are two ways to use the provided filters:

The first one is to obtain a list of products filtered by specified conditions. In order to do so, click on the “Get Products” button.

get products

The second option to use filters, consists of selecting those products of the list that satisfy the specified conditions for filtering. In order to do so, click on the “Select on filters” button.

select on filters

Optimize product editing

To optimize the plugin behaviour and to quicken the upload of information related to products in the tab, go to the “Enabled Columns” section of the plugin settings dashboard, and only enable the typology of information you want to modify.

enabled columns

This way you can avoid to process information that won’t be used in the chart.

How to edit products from table

Click on the “Show/Hide Columns” button to select all fields you want to display in the table for each product.
Here you will only find the list of fields previously selected in “Enabled Columns” section.

show:hide columns

The table will contain all those fields you have selected, and each of them will show the correlated value for each product (if already set). Click on the field of the product you want to edit to add a new value.
If you have changed different products in the table, you will see something similar like the image below, with each edited values in red.

edit products

Note: all changes will be saved only after clicking on the “Save” button.

You can also edit the single variations of your shop. Activate the variations and these will be visible in the table, just like any other product of the shop.

Single variation

How to edit products in a massive way from popup

In order to apply the same change on more products of your shop, select the products in the table and click on the “Bulk Editing”button.

Bulk editing button

The modal window that will be opened contains the complete list of the settings that can be changed. These are divided in six sections:

  • General
  • Categories, tags and attributes
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Stock
  • Type

bulk editing

How to edit the product custom fields in massive way

Let’s see in few steps how to edit the custom fields on the products of your shop in a massive way.
First go to “Bulk Product Editing -> Custom Fields” and insert the custom fields you want to edit.

custom fields

Go back to the “Bulk Product Editing” tab, here you can edit the custom fields value like any other field: from the popup or from the table.
Please note: If you want to edit the value from the table, don’t forget to enable the specific custom field column.

Edit custom field - Table view

Edit custom field - Popup view

How to add a new product

The plugin lets you create a new product directly from the product table. Click on the “New Product” button, and a new line will be added ahead of the content of the table, highlighted in yellow.

New product

Every field of the table can be edited, except the ID. The product will be definitely added only after clicking on the “Save” button.

How to remove a product

Select the products you want to delete and click on the “Delete Selected” button. The product will be removed from your shop only after the confirmation of this action.

Product removal

How to edit custom taxonomies in a massive way

In this page, we analyze how to manage your theme custom taxonomies for your shop products in a massive way.

Firstly, go to Bulk Product Editing -> Custom Taxonomies and select the taxonomies you want to assign.

Custom taxonomy

After saving, you can add or remove the taxonomies for those products you want to edit from the main section of “Bulk product editing”.

Associate custom taxonomy to products

How to import and export products

After making your selection of products you want to export,
click on the “Export Selected” button to export them to a CSV file.

Export selected

You can import each CSV file (regardless if you exported it with our plugin or not), by using the WooCommerce Import option.

WC import