Booking product quantity

This plugin is very flexible and we’ve been asked many times about having a quantity field on the booking products. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as the bookable product has availability options that work differently from quantity.

Yet, if this is a required option, you can consider the following workaround and have the booking product work with quantity exactly as any other standard WooCommerce product.

To do so, you can start with creating a person and call it “Quantity”. Go to Bookings > People


person quantity

Then, go to the product settings to Booking People, make sure you enable the checkboxes Has people and Enable types of people.

The latter option will open all types of people created on your shop. Enable the one called Quantity and set a minimum and maximum amount for it, if any.

product settings

If you want to read more about all the available options for people, please, refer to this page.

Finally, this is how the product will look like.


Now, the last thing missing!

As you can see the quantity selector appears in a box called People. To remove it, you can go to YITH > Booking and deselect the option called Enable People Selector.

Enable people selector

This is the final result: