Add new range of costs

The costs of the booking, as described above, can be varied according to specific conditions that you can define in the product edit page (and, if need be, globally for all products).

In particular, prices can be either increased or decreased:

  • if the date belongs to a time frame that you have previously defined;
  • based on the selected month;
  • if a different price has been set based on the days of the week;
  • if the booking falls within a specific range of weeks that you have previously defined;
  • based on the number of people selected, if you have previously enabled Booking People management;
  • based on the duration of the booking;
  • based on the people type.


The People feature gives you the possibility to add ranges based on the people types configured in the booking. This option allows creating several and even complex rules to manage costs depending on your needs.

In the sample below, we have configured a booking for a hotel room where we have added a cost for the second and third Adult and a free booking for maximum two Children. After disabling the option  Multiply all costs by number of people, we have applied the following settings:

1st Adult: $100/day

2nd Adult: +$50/day

3rd Adult: +$50/day

1st child: Free

2nd child: Free

3rd child: +$20/day


If more conditions apply to the same booking, they are automatically processed from top to bottom.
You can sort rules by dragging and dropping them.