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General and Display options

General options

You can apply a badge to your best-seller products by enabling the option Show “Best Seller” badge that you can find in the Settings > General options tab.

Show best-seller badge on products

Display options

From the Display options section, you can define the number of best-seller products to show by entering the value in the option Bestsellers shown. In the example below, it is set to show 100 products.

Set the number of best-sellers to show

If you want to show the “best seller” badge only on the top 100 products, enable the option “Best seller” badge only for Top 100.

Show badge only on top 100 best sellers

You can show the best-seller ranking position on the product edit page. To do it, you must enable the option Show position in product page.

Show ranking position

This is an example of what it will look like.

Ranking position example

You can also show the link of the Top 100 category both on the product detail and/or category pages. To do it, you will only need to enable the options Show category Top 100 link in product page and Show category Top 100 in category pages.

Show Top 100 category link

Furthermore, you can show the ranking indicator in the Best sellers pages by enabling the option Show ranking indicator.Show ranking indicator

A sales index will be added to all products. This index will show if there has been an increase or decrease in a number of sales in a specific time-lapse.

Yet, as an admin, you can also see the number of sales for every product on the Best seller page.

Number of sales for best-seller products

Finally. if you want your users to use the RSS service on the “Bestsellers” page, enable the option Show RSS link.

RSS link

In this way, they will be able to click on the RSS button to always be up to date on your products.

RSS link on Best sellers page