Enable Authorize.net in test mode

You can enable Authorize.net in test mode to test configuration and if the plugin is functioning correctly.

To work in Sandbox mode it is necessary to create an account on developer.authorize.net. Production and Sandbox accounts are two different accounts, and it won’t be enough to only enable this option to switch to sandbox mode.

The Admin will also need to create a sandbox account here: https://developer.authorize.net/hello_world/sandbox/ and set Loing ID and Transaction key for this account in the plugin settings.

enable sandbox

In order to test the plugin configuration, enable Sandbox mode as explained above Then, go on with your test purchase and select Authorize.net payment mode during checkout.

In order to test the credit card method, you can use some randomly generated card numbers available on this page.

test mode

Now, if the test has been done locally, the system will generate an error, otherwise, you will be redirected to the page My account if successful or to checkout page if any error occurred (incompatibilities between currency and payment method are frequent).

order form

NB: Check order state during and after payment from WooCommerce panel. During payment order state is labeled as pending payment; once the order has been completed its state will be changed to processing or complete.