Postpone expiring date

The plugin offers the possibility to postpone the auction expiration when a bidder makes a new bid a few minutes before it ends.

How to do it?

You need to set the “Time to add overtime” and “Overtime” parameters and apply them to all the products (from the plugin settings dashboard) or specifically to single product.

Overtime - Single product page

Overtime - Plugin settings

How to configure these settings in the correct way.

  • Time to add overtime: number of minutes before auction expiration within postpone it if a new bid is recorded.
  • Overtime: number of minutes to extend the auction duration if new bid recorded before its expiration

If you want show overtime in product page, enable the option Show overtime.

Show overtime


Overtime information

Let’s make an example

Suppose we set our parameters as follows.

  • Time to add overtime: 5
  • Time to add overtime: 10

The auction expiration is set at 10.00.00.

The user Alessio makes a bid at 09.57.00 (3 minutes before the expiration)

The auction expiration is postponed at 10.10.00

The auction will end only if no new bid will be recorded during the last 5 minutes.