The plugin creates 11 emails you can find among the automatic WooCommerce emails in WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

auctions email

User emails

  • Highest bid overbidden: informs customers that their highest bid has been overbidden.
  • End: email sent to the user when the auction is about to expire. For the correct email sending, enable the Send emails entry in the plugin settings.
    cron settings
  • Winner: informs the customer who won the auction.
  • Successfully bid: customer receives email after he successfully placed a bid.
  • No Winner: customers who did not win will receive an email.
  • Delete Bid: customer will be informed when his bid has been deleted.

Administrator email

  • Reserve price not exceeded: admin receives a notification in case an auction has ended without reaching the reserve price.
  • Without bid: admin receives a notification in case an auction ends without bids.
  • Has a winner: receive a notification when the auction ends and has a winner
  • Successfully bid email for auctions: admin receives email when customer successfully places a bid.
  • Delete bid admin: will be send when a bid has been removed.