Create auction product

To sell a product through an auction, it is essential to create an “Auction” type product. Go to the product edit page and select the “Auction” type as highlighted in the screenshot below.

new auction product

You can configure the following options for the “Auction” product:

  • Starting Price: the starting price of the auction, the minimum bid amount.
  • Bid up: the value of the automatic raise.
    E.g. I offer 10€ but the starting price is 1€. In this case, not my 10€ but my 1€ will be displayed. If another customer bids 2€, the plugin will automatically raise my bet (according to the bid up value) until it reaches the top bid of 10€ I have set up.
  • Minimum increment amount: Minimum amount to increase manual bids.
  • Reserve price: minimum price required to sell the product.
    If the auction ends and no bids exceed the reserve price, the product can’t be purchased.
  • Buy it now price: price to purchase the product regardless of the auction underway. The auction ends when the order is created.
  • Auction dates: pick the days and the opening and closing times of the auction.
  • Time to add overtime: number of minutes before the expiration of the auction to see if overtime needs to be added.
  • Overtime: number of minutes to extend the duration of the auction if a new bid is registered before its expiration.
  • Automatic rescheduling: time to automatically reschedule auction without bids.
  • Show bid up: show bid up on product page
  • Show overtime: show overtime on product page
  • Tax settings: decide if the product is taxable, or only the shipping costs.