Automatic bid up

The plugin offers the possibility to raise automatically the user’s bid in case of an overbid.

If you want to show to users the bid up you have set for the auction, enable Show bid up option in the product settings.

Show bidup

Bid up informations in product page

How does the automatic bid up work?

Suppose we set a 5€ automatic bid up for the product and the auction base price as 50€.

Bid up

The user “Alessio” makes a bid of 65€.
As it is the first bid, and we set the automatic bid up value, the system records a bid in the amount of the product base price rather than the 65€ the user offered.

Bid up

John, a new user, makes a bid in the amount of 55€.

The system records the new bid and checks the available conditions to apply an automatic bid up for those users who previously made a bid for the auction.

In our example, we have a recorded bid of 50€ made by Alessio. Actually, the user initially bade 65€, therefore, the system can automatically apply a new bid for him.

The new bid will be in the amount of 60€. This value is given by the 5€ automatic bid up applied to the highest recorded bid (55€).

Bid up