Getting started with the free version

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud calculates the fraud risk level for every single order recorded in the store. It is based on certain rules that are set in its option panel: to activate or deactivate these rules, go to YIT Plugins -> Anti-Fraud.

Four kinds of checks can be done on any order to establish a percentage of fraud risk. Depending on the active rules, the plugin will consider dangerous an order for the following options:

  • it’s the first order of the user (“Enable first order check”);
  • the billing address of the user does not match with the nation of the store (“Enable international order check”)
  • the IP address is related to a nation different from the one indicated in the billing address of the user (“Enable IP geolocation check”)
  • the billing address does not match with the shipping address (“Enable Billing and Shipping addresses check”)

Depending on the selected options, the fraud risk percentage can be:

  • “low”: between 0 and 25%
  • “medium”: between 25% and 75%
  • “high”: between 75% and 100%

In the order page, the plugin adds a column in which the risk status of each order is stated.

Fraud risk percentage

In the order detail page you can find the risk percentage, and the danger options that have been identified in the order.

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