Cookie settings

When users visit a site for the first time, by clicking on a link containing the reference of an affiliate, a cookie will be stored in their navigation session.
In “Affiliates -> Settings” you can:

  • set the cookie expiration
  • edit the cookie name (yith_wcaf_referral_token by default)
  • enable the cookie deletion after the user has completed the checkout

Cookies first part

Cookies part 2 history

In order to keep track of all affiliates that have contributed to letting users reach your site before purchasing, you can tick the option “Enable history storage”.
The affiliate history is saved in the order detail page, generated thanks to one or more affiliates.

History storage - Edit order page

Note: if you change the name of the cookie, all the cookies created before that moment will no longer work.
Enabling the option “Referral cookie changes?”, the cookie automatically change if the user visits the site with a different referral link.

Set cookie via Ajax

If you want to set affiliate cookies with an Ajax call when the system detects referral query string in the URL and, therefore, avoid issues with the cache system, you must enable the option Set cookie via Ajax.

Ajax cookie

Delete affiliation cookie after checkout

The option “Delete affiliation cookie after checkout”, if enabled, allows deleting the unlogged user cookie automatically after they complete the purchase.

Without a cookie, the unlogged user is no longer associated with any affiliates.

delete cookie