General information regarding the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

The premium version of YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews allows you to manage reviews in your shop with advanced options. Your plugin option panel available in YITH Plugins > Advanced Reviews.
With regards to the general settings and plugin layout, you can read more in this page, because options available in “General settings” have been left unchanged.

general settings

With the plugin you can add a title and one (or more) attachments to the review, you just need to enable the two options “Show title” and “Show attachments“.

  • Attachement type: Select the type(s) of attachment(s) a user can add.
  • Multiple attachment limit: limit the number of attachments a user can add to the review, set to 0 if you do not want to set any restriction.
  • Attachment max size: Maximum file size of an attachment in MB, set to 0 for no limit.
  • Review content selector: Set the id or CSS class that will match the review tab content.

If this is the first time you install the plugin YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews, or if you have been using an older version than 1.1.0, you first have to convert the already registered reviews, in order to be able to manage them.
Click on the button “Convert reviews” that you can find in plugin settings panel.

Style settings

Google review snippet

The plugin supports google review snippet: the product rating can also be shown in google search pages.

Google review snippet

How to enable reCaptcha

The reCaptcha system refers to Google “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. In order to work correctly, it requires two things: reCaptcha site key and reCaptcha secret key. Follow these instructions to configure the reCaptcha correctly. First of all, register an account on Google, in case you did not have one yet, go to Google reCaptcha page and click on the button Get reCAPTCHA.



Once logged into your Google account, register a new site for the application and add the required data.



  • Labels: identifying labels of the reCaptcha you are activating.
  • Domains: list of all domains where Google reCaptcha system has been activated.
  • Owners: email addresses of all users, except yours, that can access reCaptcha system settings that you are now registering.

Once entered all data and clicked on “Register”, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will find all data required for the plugin.



Once entered the data into “Site Key” and “Secret Key” in the plugin option panel, enable reCaptcha. From now on, anyone that wants to write or react to a review, will have to prove they are no robot.


  • reCaptcha site key: Enter your site key
  • reCaptcha secrect key: Enter your secret key
  • reCaptcha message error: Message that will be shown when you do not check the box.

recaptcha page

How to vote a review

Each product review can be upvoted or downvoted by other users.

Vote review

To enable this feature, you have to check the option “Show vote section”.

Enable/disable review voting

By enabling the option “Show review notes” you can show how many upvotes the review has been given out of total number of votes.

Note on review

By default, only registered users can vote another review. If you want to extend this capability to any user, click on “Enable vote for all”.

How to approve reviews

The review left by users is published immediately, unless you haven’t specified in settings that you want to approve it manually before making it visible to every user.

Manual approval

Reviews waiting for approval are highlighted in section “Reviews”, where all user reviews are listed.

Unapproved reviews

To approve the review click on “approve”.

Approve review

How to set a content as inappropriate

The option “Inappropriate reviews” allows you to give users (both registered and unregistered ones) the possibility to report about a review they do not consider appropriate.

Unappropriate content option

In order to mark a review as inappropriate, it is necessary that the user click on the dedicaed button in the review box.

User reporting

The reported review will be marked as inappropriate within “Reviews” section through the specific symbol followed by the number of abuse reports it has collected. All inappropriate reviews are automatically showed if you click on the filter “Inappropriate content”.

Inappropriate review

The plugin gives you the opportunity to automatically hide the review in case it has collected a specific number of reports that you must have set previously in plugin settings panel at “Hiding threshold”. By setting “zero” as value, no threshold will be set, so you will receive abuse reports, but the review will never be hidden automatically.

Report maximum threshold

A review that collects the maximum number of reports set will be automatically unapproved. To enable it once again, you have to approve it manually.

How to edit reviews

In order to give users the possibility to edit their own reviews after having published them, enable the option “Edit reviews”.

Edit review

In each review you will find a specific section where you could manually edit the vote and username and also the author’s email address.

Edit review information

How to limit reviews

In order to ensure that only customers who have purchased that specific product can leave a review on it and to ensure that they can only publish one review for the same product, you have to:

  1. Enable the option “Limit multiple reviews” in plugin settings panel.
    Single review
  2. Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Products” and enable the option “Only allow reviews from “verified owners”.
    WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products

If everything has been configured correctly, each review left will be marked as written by an actual customer.

Verified owner

How to reply the review

Replying to a review can be managed through the option “Reply to review” that you can find in plugin settings panel.

Choose one among the following options:

  • disable “reply” option on every review;
  • allow only admin to comment reviews;
  • allow every user to comment reviews.

In case you wanted to highlight all admin comments or people in charge of managing comments on products, we invite you create a custom CSS solution for the concerned reviews.
In fact, the plugin assigns a class to the review container and specify the username to which it has to be applied. You can see this also in our website:

Custom CSS

If you want avoid “replying” on a specific review, you can do that in two ways. The first one by accessing section “reviews” and click on “stop reply” button in the concerned review.

Block reply

The second step concerns blocking reply system directly in product page, by accessing the shop with admin permissions.

Block replies in product page

How to set a review as featured

You can highlight one of the reviews appearing in the product. Go to “Reviews” and click “Featured” button of the review you chose to highlight.

Review highlight

To highlight the review make sure of the price isn’t zero in “Featured reviews” field. Through this option you can set up the maximum number of reviews to highlight.

Number of highlighted reviews

Highlighted reviews have a different style and come before the others.

Highlighted review

If the number is bigger than the quantity of provided reviews to display, the ones to highlight will be taken randomly among the”featured” reviews.

View review

If you don’t want to display all the product reviews at the same time, you can set the maximum number to display through “Number of reviews to display” option. Value “zero” matches with no limit.

Number of reviews

In this case, to allow users to visualize more reviews you must activate “load more”feature in settings dashboard field.

Load more

Depending on how set up, “load more” can be a link or a button.

How to user filter review

Reviews displayed in a product can be filtered by users for a faster visualization.
The first filter allows users to organize the reviews visualization based on realise date or on number of positive votes received from users.

Review filter

Reviews can be filtered also based on selected rating.

Review filter through rating

To visualize reviews filtered through rating in a modal window, activate “Modal window” option in settings dashboard.

Open moal window

How to manage the review report

Shop administrator can consult the reviews report in WooCommerce -> Reports -> Reviews.


For each product the report includes the following information:

  • number of inserted reviews for the product
  • highest vote received
  • lowest vote received
  • vote avarage

Report data can be exported in CSV format

Export in CSV

How to customize plugin template

If you want to overwrite the template of the plugin, you can do it following a few steps.
Go to the yith-woocommerce-advanced-reviews plugin folder, and go inside the templates folder.

Plugin template

Select the file you want to overwrite and copy it inside the “woocommerce” folder of your theme (you will have to create the folder if it doesn’t exist).

Template files


To show all reviews, or just the reviews of a certain product on whatever page you like, you can use one of these shortcodes:

  • Show all reviews: [yith_ywar_show_reviews]
  • Show reviews of a certain product: [yith_ywar_show_reviews product_id = 123]
  • Show limited number of reviews: [yith_ywar_show_reviews reviews_number= 2]

review shortcode

You are free to add any of these shortcodes to a ‘text widget’  in order to create a widget in the sidebar.

YITH WooCommerce Review for Discounts

With YITH WooCommerce Review For Discounts, customers can leave a review and the system will automatically send an email with a coupon code to the customer, so they can benefit from a discount on the next purchase.

The integration between these two plugins allows sending a discount to customers posting a review of the purchased products by relying on YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews engine.

You will only need to install and activate both plugins and configure them separately.

For further details about YITH WooCommerce Review for Discounts settings, please refer to the official documentation.