All the settings for the filters can be configured in the Filters section available in Store locator page tab available in the plugin panel.

Among the options, you will also find the Radius settings if you wish to give the users the possibility to highlight a specific radius on the map.

Radius filter

The option Show radius filter is enabled by default. You can choose to show the distance in the map as KM or Miles through the Distance unit option.

Show radius filter

Conversely to the other filters, you can set a default value for the radius one by selecting it in the terms you have configured.

Default value for radius filter

Set the option Show radius filter to OFF, if you don’t want to show the radius filter.


With regards to the filters, you must first create them as described in this guide. After creating them, you can decide whether to show them or not on the store locator page by enabling or disabling the option Show filters. When enabled, the plugin will allow you to set the following options:

Show filters

  • Filters display mode: select Opened in the page if you want the filters to show already opened or Dropdown style if you want to show a dropdown;
  • After the search: select if you want to keep the filters opened or hide them and show a link to open them;
  • Show “active filters” text: enable if you want to show the active filters after the search;
  • Enter a text for “active filters” text: enter a text to identify the active filters.

Dropdown style

Filters - dropdown style

Opened in the page

Filters - opened in the page