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YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quick View allows the users to get a quick view of the product they are interested in. The product details will be shown in a popup, so they don’t need to leave the page they are currently visiting.

YITH Product Size Charts with quick view

To make the plugins work together, you first need to activate them both. Then decide where you want to show the ‘size chart’ button. Go to Product Size Charts > Settings > Popup Button Options > Quick View Button Position.

The combination of both plugins allows the user to open the size chart inside the quick view popup, without leaving the popup.

Product chart in quick view popup

For more information about how to set up the YITH Quick View plugin, please check the full documentation here.

Size charts PHP codes

You can add size charts in any part of your shop using PHP code:

<?php do_action('yith_wcpsc_print_product_size_charts', $also_tabs, $type); ?>

This code allow you to print all size charts. Hook parameters are:

  • $also_tabs: boolean, if set as true, it prints also size chart which option Display as is set as “Tab”; but not if it is set as false.
  • $type: two display modes are available: “list” or “button”.
<?php do_action('yith_wcpsc_print_product_size_chart_by_id', $id, true); ?>

This code allow you to print a button that opens a specific size chart.

  • $id: ID of the size chart that has to be printed.