General Settings

Go to YITH > Product Description in Loop to configure all the plugin settings, where you will find two tabs, one for the general settings and one for the style.

General settings

General settings

Enable description on Shop page: if enabled the product custom description will appear on the standard Shop page of your WooCommerce shop

Enable description on category pages: if enabled the product custom description will appear also on all the category pages of your shop

Enable description on tag pages: if enabled the product custom description will appear also on all the tag pages of your shop

Use enhanced text editor: this option allows you to choose between two different editors on the product page:

  1. enable this option to use the enhaned text editor on where you can use bold, italics, underlining and other text format settings.
  2. If you disable this option, you will use the standard editor and will be able to set up a word count for all your descriptions.standard-editorwordcount

    If you enable the wordcount and set up a maximum number of words per description, you will still be able to add a longer description, but the text in the loop will be cut off.


Description position: pick up one of the default positions available from the dropdown list, or select the Custom position.
If you choose Custom position, you’ll be able to enter a hook and priority.


Style Settings

If you go to YITH > Product Description in Loop > Style Settings, you will be able to choose whether the description has to inherit the theme style settings or to set up your own custom ones.


Make sure you enable the option Enable plugin style, so all the following settings will be applied.

Then, you can edit the following parameters for the product descriptions:

  • Text alignment and choose among Left, Right or Center
  • Font size
  • Colour


Add a description

After setting up the general and style options, go on the product detail page to enter the text of every one of your products.

Scroll down until you find the metabox called Product Description in Loop and start customizing your product descriptions!



You can add any shortcode you want to your descriptions.