Configure firebase

The first step in plugin configuration consists in creating a Firebase account (skip to the next step in case you already have one)
Create a new application, so that you can get the parameters required by the plugin.

The procedure to create a new application changes depending on the new or old Firebase platform. Let’s analyze hot to do it in both cases.

Firebase site

Go to and click on the “Create new project” button.

Create new project

The required data are: application name and your company location. Region selection also sets the appropriate currency for your revenue reporting. The selected country does not determine the location of your data for Firebase features. Google may process and store Customer Data anywhere Google or its agents maintain facilities.

App name and Country

Now click on “Project Settings”, as highlighted in the image below.

Project settings

Log in to “Database” section to recover the credentials requested by the plugin.

Database authentication tokens

  • Databases -> Firebase App Url
  • Databse secrets -> Firebase App Secret

Plugin option panel