Add new FAQs

Start by adding new questions and answers to the FAQs menu on your dashboard.

add new faq

Don’t forget to turn on the question after adding it, so it will be displayed on your website. If you do no longer want to display the question, or it is not necessary at the moment, you can turn it off.

few faq

Once you have written your question and answer, you can add it to a specific category (or add a new category). This way it will be easier for the customer to filter the questions.

FAQ Page in backend

In order to show the frequently asked questions page, you can either add a new page in the backend or you can add the shortcode to an existing page.

new page

You can give the FAQ page the title you want and add additional text. With the “FAQ” button you are able to insert a shortcode, which allows you to print all questions you have added in the FAQs tab.

add shortcode option

In the popup that appears you can set up the general display settings, after selecting the options you can “Insert shortcode” to the page.

add faq shortcode

Creating the shortcode

You can create the shortcode in 2 different ways:

  1. in the FAQ Page
  2. In the plugin settings

Whichever option you choose, creating the shortcode works the same way. In the example below we used the second option: YITH Plugins – FAQ

creating shortcode

  • Show search box: Enable to show the search option in FAQs page.
  • Show category filteres: Enable to show categories to filter FAQ.
  • Choose the style: Decide in what way you want to show the questions.
    • List: Basic option.
    • Accordion: If you open one question, the other question will close automatically. (+/- icons in example below)
    • Toggle: you can open all questions one by one, the others will not close automatically. (↑/↓ icons in example below)

toggle accordion

  • FAQs per page: Number of questions you want to show per page.
  • Categories to display: The categories you want to display in this page. (for example, you could make a different FAQ page for each category, so you will need different shortcode per page).
  • Show Icon: Show an icon before every question.
  • Icon size: Choose the icons size in pixels.
  • Choose Icon: Decide which icon you want to use.

At the bottom you will find the shortcode you’ve created, according to the previous set options.

You can copy-paste this shortcode if you have made it in the plugin settings (no. 2). You can click on “Insert shortcode” if you’ve used the add FAQ shortcode option from no. 1.

Customize lay-out

You can change the colors of several options like the search button, category button and icons.

color options

You can enable or disable the several options, and select colors by HTML color picker or HTML color code.

example colors faq page


The plugin is ready to use with the new Gutenberg editor. When you add a new post or page, you will be able to find our YITH shortcodes and widgets. With a simple click they will be added to your page.

FAQ gutenburg