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Getting started with the premium version

For the plugin to work correctly, it creates a product called “YITH Donations for WooCommerce” automatically.
This product is essential for donations, therefore, you must pay attention not to delete it.
You can allow your customers to make a donation in two ways: by adding a form to your sidebar or to your product pages.

Donations form Make a donatiom from Single Product Page

You can find the complete list of donations in Orders -> Donations.

donations tab

General Settings

General settings donate

Go to plugin options panel in YITH > Donations to edit the following settings:

  • Show in Cart: show donation form on the cart page.
  • Donation pre-set amounts: enter pre-set amounts separated by a vertical bar ( | ). Leave empty, if you want to let your users enter a custom amount.
  • Style: choose the style of the pre-set amounts from Label or Radio buttons.
  • Show an extra field in the donation form: this option lets you add an extra field, where you can enter any text to make your donations form more effective.
  • Minimum Donation Required: minimum amount requested for donation.
  • Maximum Donation Allowed: maximum amount requested for donations.
  • Payment method: payment methods available for users when there is at least a donation in their cart.

Donation by product

In order to enter the donation form for one or more products of your shop, go to the plugin options panel and click on the tab “Products & Donations”.


Click on “Add products” and you’ll see a screen like this one, where you can enter the product name:

select product

By enabling the option “Set donation as compulsory”, you can choose to make a donation required to download/purchase the related product. Users cannot add the product to the cart unless they make a donation (in case you had set a minimum and maximum value, the donation has to have an amount belonging to that range).

mandatory donation

N.B. If the donation has been set as compulsory, its removal from cart also removes the associated product. In this case, in fact, product and donation are bound to each other and the order can be completed only if both have been added to the cart.

donation in cart

Labels tab

Customize the texts of the messages and fields that are shown.

labels donations

You can also customize the labels that are shown in the widget “Summary”.

Customize labels



For each donation made, the plugin sends an email to the related user. Email settings can be configured from the “Emails” section in the plugin settings panel.
Use the following placeholders to get dynamic information added to your email message:

  • {customer_name}: customer’s name
  • {order_id}: order ID
  • {donation_list}: list of all donations in the order
  • {site_title}: name of the shop like set in WordPress

Select the email template and choose from WooCommerce standard one and the one provided by the plugin YITH Donations for WooCommerce (shown below).


Donation Form and shortcode

You can add a donation form in any sidebar of your site using the widget “YITH Donations for WooCommerce”.


If you want to add the form to the page content, you can use the shortcode available. Click on the dedicated button of your WordPress visual editor or enter it in textual mode: [yith_wcds_donations].

Visual editor (automatically created)


By clicking on this button, you can fill out the fields of the popup.

shortcode popup

And the according shortcode is created automatically.

Textual shortcode (manually created)

The shortcode attributes are the following:

  • donation_amount: enter pre-set amounts separated by a vertical bar ( | ). Leave empty if you want to let your users enter a custom amount.
  • donation_amount_style: choose the style of the pre-set amounts: it can be either label or radio.
  • show_extra_desc: set to “on” if you want add an extra field to the donation form.
  • extra_desc_label: enter here the title of the extra field.

For example, if you build the shortcode like this:

[yith_wcds_donations donation_amount="10|20|30" donation_amount_style="radio" show_extra_desc="on" extra_desc_label="Tell us more about why you are donating, we are so grateful!"]

this is how it will look like on the Shop page:

shortcode on page

The plugin gives you the opportunity to enter the form also into the detail page of one or more products. Read more about this here.

If you want to customize the style of the button “Enter a Donation” displayed both in the widget and with the shortcode, go to plugin options panel and edit settings included in section “Settings”.

Choose WooCommerce Style if you want to inherit WooCommerce basic features.

button settings

Or choose Custom style if you want to set it up as you prefer. You’ll be able to customize the typography options (font size, format and case format), the button text color, the button color and colors on mouseover.

custom button settings

Donation widget

The plugin allows adding a widget to give your users the possibility to make a donation from any page of your website where the sidebar appears.

Enter a title and the pre-set amounts available (if you want to show any). Make sure you separate values with a vertical bar ( | ).

widget settings

Choose the style of the pre-set amount from Label or Radio Button style.

Check the option Show an extra field in the donation form to add an extra text field. You can add here any text so that you can make your Donation widget more effective.

This is how it looks on the frontend.

donations widget

Donations summary widget and shortcode

The widget YITH Donations for WooCommerce – Summary gives you the possibility to add a counter to your sidebar showing the total amount of donations received so far.
Add the widget from Appearance > Widgets and select the time-lapse that has to be counted as the total amount of received donations (today, this week, this month, this year or since the plugin has been first enabled).

donation summary

You can also show this using the following shortcode:


It includes the following attributes and values:

  • summary_from=”day”, “week”, “last_month”, “month”, “year”, “always”
  • include_tax=”on”, “off”

Gutenberg integration

The plugin is ready to be used with the new Gutenberg editor. When you add a new post or page, you will be able to find our YITH shortcodes and widgets. With a simple click, they will be added to your page.


Donation form

Gutenberg-Donations settings

Read more about the widget settings here.

Donation summary

Read more about the widget settings here.