General settings

In the Settings tab, you will be able to configure the following two options for your deals:

  • Popup size: this is the size of the popup window shown to the customer
  • Show Deals options to shop managers: enable this option to let also Shop managers edit and publish offers from the Deals menu.

How to create and show offer in Checkout page

The plugin allows you to configure an unlimited number of offers to show in Checkout page, based on a set of conditions associated to the offer.

To configure a new offer, go to the plugin panel options and open the section Deals.

Click on “Add new” to open the deal configuration panel.

Add new deal

Set the offer content

You can customize the entire content of the offer that is shown to your customers.

Set your message inside the editor, that you will find in the edit offer page.

Set the offer content

You can insert your shortcode inside the editor.

To allow the user to accept and reject the offer, you need to add two shortcodes inside the content.

Click on the YITH logo to add the shortcodes that show the buttons.

accept decline button

How to set deal restriction rules

If you do not want to show the offer, you can choose to not display the offer.

If you want to show the offer, you can add restrictions. The customer has to fulfill certain conditions in order to see the offer. You can set up these restrictions as you wish.


There seven different options to choose from:

  • Category: one or all products in the selected category have to be in the cart.
  • Geolocalization: buyers are from one of the selected countries.
  • Price: the total cart amount has to fall within the specified values.
  • Product: one or all the selected products have to be in the cart (product variations supported as well).
  • Tag: one or more products belonging to the selected tags have to be in the cart.
  • Role: certain roles are entitled to see the deal (customer, subscriber, etc.)
  • User: certain users (by name) are entitled to see the deal.

What happens when the offer is accepted

When the user accepts the offer, you can choose if you want to add and/or remove products form the cart.

Choose the following options in the configuration settings:

Accepted offer settings

Remove products from cart automatically

  • None: no products will remove in the cart.
  • Remove all products in the cart: all products will be removed from the cart.
  • Remove these products in the cart: only certain products will be removed from the cart.

Add one or more products to cart automatically: simple products or variations will be added automatically, you can choose if you want to apply a discount on the added products.

What happens when the offer is not accepted

The customer will have the option to decline the deal. You can decide what happens next, there are 2 options to choose from:

not accept offer

  • Hide offer:
    • Forever: do not show the offer again.
    • Only right now: it will disappear for the moment, but the next time in checkout the offer will be shown again.
  • Show another offer: In order to show another offer, you need to make another one (or more).

Set layout for the deal

You can show the deal in three different ways:


  • Inline with page content: Show the offer at the end on the checkout
  • Popup: Show the offer using a popup
  • Popover: Show the offer using  a full screen popup