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How to set S3 Amazon for WooCommerce digital products

WooCommerce settings

If you use WooCommerce, you can use this option to give customers access to digital goods.

  • Permissions: you can choose from private or public; by choosing public, everyone who has the URL will have access to the S3 storage with your digital goods.
    We recommend choosing private so the files will be protected and you can select the time of the temporary URL to download the product which will start to count once the link of the downloadable product is displayed.
  • URL Validity period: feel free to restrict the time the link will work. Enter a value in minutes.
  • Send order link: this option lets you include a link to the order that has granted access to this download link. No order link will be sent if the user has no account on your website.
  • Link of the email sent: Customize here the text of the email that is sent when a link is shared.