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How to set S3 Amazon access key

amazon access key

  1. Go to your dashboard and choose YITH.
  2. Click on Amazon S3 Storage
  3. Connect to your Amazon S3 account.
  4. Fill out your access key and secret access key. (If you do not know where to find your S3 credentials, click on the link below the fields)
  5. Click on save changes.
  6. Now the connection with your Amazon S3 storage is done and you can start!

General settings


  1. After filling in your credentials, you can now set your bucket name
  2. If you do not know how to do that, click on the link
  3. After this, you have three options:
  • Copy file to S3 (set as the default option when uploading files from media library or downloadable product)
  • Replace URL (general option for all the URLs of the files, if the file is in Amazon S3 and this is checked then the URL is going to be an S3 URL)
  • Remove from server (set as the default option)

How to add S3 Amazon file to WooCommerce digital products

To add files to a product to be downloaded later on, you have to go to the product admin panel and select the checkbox “Downloadable” in order to get the options “Add File” and then “Choose File” as you can see in the image below. You can add several files if you like.

We can choose from where to add the file:

  • From Amazon S3, in case you already have the file there. Just search and select the file you want and click in “Insert file URL”. This will generate a shortcode URL that will create a link when the user wants to download the product.
  • From the media library.
  • Uploading a file and copying automatically to Amazon S3 or just to the media library.


How to set S3 Amazon for WooCommerce digital products

WooCommerce settings

If you use WooCommerce, you can use this option to give customers access to digital goods.

  • Permissions: you can choose from private or public; by choosing public, everyone who has the URL will have access to the S3 storage with your digital goods.
    We recommend choosing private so the files will be protected and you can select the time of the temporary URL to download the product which will start to count once the link of the downloadable product is displayed.
  • URL Validity period: feel free to restrict the time the link will work. Enter a value in minutes.
  • Send order link: this option lets you include a link to the order that has granted access to this download link. No order link will be sent if the user has no account on your website.
  • Link of the email sent: Customize here the text of the email that is sent when a link is shared.

How to copy file to S3 Amazon (automatically or manually)


  1. Copy Automatically to Amazon S3: you can find the option Copy files also to S3 when you open Media and select a file in your library because it is mentioned under the description: copy to S3, after copying it you have the option to remove it again from your S3, or remove it from the server:


2. Copy Manually to Amazon S3:  There are four ways to copy files from the media library manually to your Amazon S3 storage, the first option is when you open a file in the media library:

The second option is while in the media library when selecting files, it gives you the option to copy or remove files from/to S3:

The third option is in the media library when selecting files for an individual bulk action:

To explain how to add files to S3 Amazon you have to go to products and set them as downloadable first, then choose the file:

And the fourth option is in the media library after selecting files, in the drop down menu there are group bulk actions, for example remove all selected files from S3: