Remy Documentation

Theme Options

In Remy > Theme options you can find the panel where you can customize the theme and manage general settings.

Theme options panel


Theme options panel

In General > Settings page you can:

  1. set the layout for your theme: boxed or stretched (wide);
  2. activate "back to top" button;
  3. turn on/off responsive version for mobile devices;
  4. upload your favicon image;
  5. turn off the default WordPress bar on the top;
  6. turn off comments from the pages.

In the other tab of "General" page you can enable SEO features and manage Google fonts subset (latin, cyrillic fonts, etc.).


Theme options panel

In "Header" page you can:

  1. Choose a skin for the header.
  2. Choose if you want a sticky header or not.
  3. Upload a custom logo (if you don't want to use a logo image, turn this option off and make a logo using a font in typography panel).
  4. Turn on/off the logo tagline (the site description that you can enter in Settings > General).
  5. Turn on/off the topbar and set its content.


Theme options panel

In "Content" page you can customize 404 error page (add text, upload an image and so on) and manage settings for your blog.

Blog settings

In "Blog" section, you can configure setting for blog pages of your site and change options concerning detail page of each single post.


Theme options panel

In "Footer" page you can:

  1. Set the type of footer.
  2. Set the number of rows to add to the footer.
  3. Set the number of widgets to add for each row.
  4. Enter content for copyright area.


Theme options panel

In "Shop" section, you can find all settings for your shop pages.
"Shop" is made of 4 sub-sections: Settings, Shop Page, Single Product Page and Category Page.

Section Settings includes the following options:

  • Products per page: number of products displayed in "Shop" page.
  • Enable VAT field: enable "VAT" field in Checkout page.
  • Enable SSN field: enable "SSL" field in Checkout page.
  • Set "Add to Cart" text: text for "Add to Cart" button.
  • Set "View Details" text: text for "View Details" button, displayed only if yu have variable products.
  • Set Custom Mini Cart Icon: icon for the widget "mini cart".
  • Count All Items in the cart: display the number of products in the cart.
  • Label text in the cart: text shown for cart label.
  • Enable Form Coupon: show the form for adding coupon codes in Checkout page.
  • Enable Slider Price Filter: enable "slider" style for the widget "WooCommerce Price filter", if this is not used in shop page.
Shop Page Options

Options in section Shop page concern the Shop page of your store:

  • Show page title: show/hide the title of the page.
  • Shop layout: layout for the shop page (List, Grid, Masonry).
  • Custom number of products per row: select the number of products to show per row.
  • Show "Grid/List" view option: show/hide "View all" button in Grid and List layouts.
  • Show "Products per Page" view option: show/hide the option that allows users to choose the number of products to display in shop page (a specific number of products or all.
  • Show product title: show/hide product names.
  • Show Add To Cart button: show/hide "Add to cart" button on each product.
  • Show product rating: show/hide rating for each product.
  • Show wishlist button: show/hide "Add to wishlist" button for each product.
Single Product page settings

Options that you find in section Single Product page concern product detail page of your shop.

  • Nav in same category: limit navigation to products belonging to the same category as the current one.
  • Show name: show/hide product name.
  • Show button add to cart: show/hide "Add to cart" button.
  • Show wishlist button: show/hide "Wishlist" button.
  • Show share link: show/hide "Share" button.
  • Show product metas (categories and tags): show/hide product category and tags.
  • Remove reviews tab: remove "Reviews" tab.
  • Show related products: show/hide products belonging to the same category.
  • Enable related slider: enable the slider for showing products belonging to the same category (at least 5 products are necessary to have the slide active).
  • Custom Related Products number: set the number of products belonging to the same category to using the option Number of Related Products.
Category page options

Category Page here you can find shop settings for your category page.

  • Show category page title: show/hide category name.
  • Show description in category page: show/hide category description.


Typography and color options

In section "Typography and Colors" you can set all options concerning typography and colour for tags, buttons and contents of your theme.