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YIT Newsletter

In this page you will learn how to set your newsletter forms.

1. Install and activate the module

You do not need to enable it, it is already active in theme.

2. Create a Newsletter Form

Click on "Newsletter Form > Add New Form":

Create a newsletter form

You can create three different kinds of newsletter form using Form integration preset field.

Create a newsletter form

2.1 Custom Form


Using this type of newsletter, you can send form information to a specific URL (trough action field). Ex.

2.2 MadMimi


Read the documentation of MadMimi to find information and discover how to use MadMimi API key.

2.3 MailChimp


Here you can find the documentation of MailChimp and read how to use MailChimp API keys.

3. Shortcodes

After a newsletter form is created, it will be shown in newsletter form list and there you can see the shortcode column as showed below:


This is how your wishlist will show trough his shortcode :


Click here for more details about shortcodes.