Remy Documentation

Set the logo slider

Here you will learn how to set up a logo slider to show the brands of your customers or partners.

1. Install and activate the module

You do not need to enable it, it is already active in theme.

2. Create the logo slider

Click on Logos > Add new logo:

Add a logo Add a logo

In this page you can:

  1. Enter an optional URL, if you want to add a link to the logo.
  2. Upload the logo image from "featured image" panel.
  3. Publish the logo.

Upload all the logo you want to add in the slider and after this, you can insert the slider inside your page. Cick on the "+" to add a new shortcode inside the page using the visual composer:

Insert the logo slider shortcode

Click on the logo slider shortcode:

Add a logo shortcode

From the shortcode panel, you can choose the number of logos you want to add to the slider (-1 to show all the logos), the animation speed of the slider and the height of logo images (we suggest you use images with the same height for a better result).

Add a logo shortcode

Click on "save" button to put the logo slider into the page.