Remy Documentation

Set the team section

In this page you will learn how to set your team section, as shown in the "about" page of Remy live preview.

1. Install and activate the module

You do not need to enable it, it is already active in theme.

2. Create the team section

Click on Team > Add new team:

Create a team

And then in this page:

Create a team

Enter a name for you team section and then click on "publish".

3. Create a member

In "My team" page, click on "View members" button:

Create a member

And now click on "Add member" button:

Create a member

In this page:

Create a member
  1. Enter the name of the member.
  2. In the editor, enter a description and some info about the member (you can also add social icons here).
  3. Enter member role.
  4. Upload a photo.
  5. Publish profile and add it to "Members" section.

Then, you can insert the team section into your page. Click on "+" to add a new shortcode inside the page using the visual composer:

Insert the team shortcode

Click on the team shortcode:

Create a member

In shortcode panel choose the team section you want to insert (you can create unlimited team sections), if you want to show the member profile and set the number of members to show.

Create a member

Click on "save" button to put the team section into the page.