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Set the testimonials page

The integrated module Testimonial allows you to add all testimonials for your site directly from your WordPress backend. The module can be enabled or disabled any time from the dedicated section Modules.

Modules section

If the module is enabled, in your site sidebar you will find the Testimonials custom post type. Just click on it to add a new testimonial.

1. Create the testimonial

Click on Testimonials > Add new testimonials:

Create a new testimonial

and then in this page:

Create a new testimonial

you can:

  1. Add the name of the testimonial
  2. Insert the testimonial text
  3. Add testimonial website, a small excerpt of the testimonial and set the star rating
  4. Upload the testimonial picture using the "featured image" option
  5. Click to publish the testimonial.

After this, you can create the testimonial page to show your testimonials. Create a new page and click on the "+" to add a new shortcode inside the page using the visual composer:

Create a new testimonial

Click on the testimonial shortcode:

Create a new testimonial

and in the shortcode panel set how many items you want to show (-1 to show all the testimonials), the category of the testimonial you want to show (you can set different pages with different categories!), the design style (comic or square) and if you want an animated transition when you load the page.

Create a new testimonial