Iris Documentation

Set the FAQ

In this page you will learn how to set up a FAQ page with Iris.

1. Install and activate the YIT FAQ plugin

Install YIT FAQ plugin. Click on the green button as shown in the images below:

install yit faq plugin

Click to "install" to install the plugin.

install yit faq plugin

After installation, click on "Activate" to activate the plugin.

2. Create a faq

Click on FAQ > Add new FAQ:

Create a faq Create a faq

In this page you can:

  1. Enter the question
  2. Write the reply to the question in WordPress editor
  3. Set a category for the FAQ (you can have different FAQ pages and show a different category on each page)
  4. Publish the FAQ

After that, you can create the faq page to show your frequently asked questions. Create a new page and click on the "+" to add a new shortcode inside the page using the visual composer:

Insert the faq shortcode

Click on the FAQ shortcode:

Insert the faq shortcode

From the "Shortcode" panel you can choose if you want a filterable FAQ page and the FAQ category you want to show in this page.

Insert the faq shortcode