Panarea Free Documentation

Installing the Panarea Free Theme

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex -

1. Installation

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Upload via ftp:

First, unzip the zip archive you downloaded on your computer. Search the folder named Open this archive and upload the Panarea Free folder to your server via ftp to the   /themes/ directory on your Wordpress installation. (wp-content > themes)

Upload via Wordpress admin:

Go to your Wordpress admin, and in the Appearance-panel, choose Add New Themes. Click Add new. Upload the

Installing WordPress

2. Basic Settings

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General Settings (logo, favicon & more)

In Panarea Free > Theme options > General tab you can set the basic settings of the theme:

  • Turn on/off the responsive layout: I suggest you to active the responsive layout to have a theme that works fine with the mobile devices.
  • Upload your custom favicon: a 16px square image for your url bar
  • Turn on/off the custom logo: if you enable the custom logo, you have to upload your logo image. If you turn off the custom logo, you have to enter a text for your logo in Settings > General.
  • Turn on/off the description under the logo: you can enter a tagline text in Settings > General.

Set the footer layout and content

You can use a footer with centered-align text or with text on the right/left side.

In our demo we are using the 2 columns footer our Centered Copyright.

The footer can be customized in Panarea Free > Theme options > General > Footer.

Set the Top bar

In this theme is available a Header sidebar, that you can find in Appearance > Widgets.