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Cheope Documentation

Thank you so much for purchasing

Cheope - Premium Wordpress theme!

This document covers the installation and use of this theme and reveals answers to common problems and issues - I encourage you to read this document if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Get started!


Getting started

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex -


Upload via ftp:

First, unzip the zip archive you downloaded from themeforest on your computer. Search the folder named file. Open this archive and upload the cheope folder to your server via ftp to the   /themes/ directory on your Wordpress installation. (wp-content > themes)

Upload via Wordpress admin:

Go to your Wordpress admin, and in the Appearance-panel, choose Add New Themes. Click Add new. Upload the Do not upload the zip archive you downloaded from themeforest. Upload only the file. If you have a "missing stylesheet" issue you are uploading the wrong file!

Installing WordPress


Once you have uploaded the theme, activate your theme in Appearance > Themes. 

Using Themes

Install sample content

You can install sample content by importing our live preview settings, that you can find in our support forum.

  1. Download and activate Woocommerce before to install sample data
  2. Go to Cheope > Backup & Reset > Backup > Import Data
  3. Select the .gz file you downloaded from our forum (don't open this file! just upload it);
  4. Click to import.

The installation may need few minutes. Please be patient and do not refresh the page. Note: If you get errors, please be sure that your server can use the PHP function set_time_limit() before to write in the support forum.

You can also import all images we used for our live preview (except the images taken by Fotolia with a regular license, we can't redistribuite them)

  1. In our support forum you can find the folder with all images of our live preview
  2. Copy the folders in the unziped "files" folder to your wp-content/upload

Basic Settings

General Settings (logo, favicon & more)

In Cheope > Theme options > General tab you can set the basic settings of the theme:

  • Turn on/off the responsive layout: I suggest you to active the responsive layout to have a theme that works fine with the mobile devices.
  • Upload your custom favicon: a 16px square image for your url bar
  • Turn on/off the custom logo: if you enable the custom logo, you have to upload your logo image. If you turn off the custom logo, you have to enter a text for your logo in Settings > General, and then in typography you can chose a nice font for your logo.
  • Turn on/off the description under the logo: you can enter a tagline text in Settings > General.

Set the footer layout and content

You can use a footer with centered-align text or with text on the right/left side.

In our demo we are using the 2 columns footer.

The footer can be customized in Cheope > Theme options > General > Footer.

Set colors

In Cheope > Theme options > Colors you can set the colors for all theme sections and elements: like links, texts, background and so on. You can also upload a background image and set the color for the sections, header and footer.

Set typography

In Cheope > Theme options > Typography you can set the theme typography: set the font and the font size for slogan, titles, paragraphs and so on! Choose from Cufon fonts, Web safe fonts and 200+ Google fonts.

Set the Nav bar

In this theme is available a Navigation sidebar, that you can find in Appearance > Widgets.

In our demo we are using two widgets: Text With Image and Text with the following content:

Text With Image settings:

The title is left empty, Image Alignment is setting up left, and the content is:

The image url:

Text widget content:

Setting up pages and posts

Common settings

On each page, below the page content, there is a Page settings table that allows you to set interesting settings on the page.

Settings tab

In settings tab you're able to configure if you'd like to show page title or breadcrumbs, additional slogan or subslogan and the layout type choosing from (left sidebar, right sidebar, no sidebar). If you select a layout with sidebar, you will be able also to choose the sidebar to configure. Sidebars can be created in Cheope > Sidebars and configured in Appearence > Widgets.

SEO tab

SEO tab allows you to choose a page title, description and keywords.

Header tab

Header tab enables you to select a slider or a static image for the page.

Body Background tab

Body background tab can be used to select background image or background color for the page. This means you can select different background settings for each page of your site!

Setting up the home page

To start with Cheope Theme you have to create a new page for your home page.

It's important that Wordpress is set up to display a static page as home page. You can set this in Settings > Reading. Choose 'static page' and select the page you created for the home in the select menu.

Each home page makes use of Home template so, before you customize the page, you need to select that template from the right side menu. The image below shows the right way to choose the template.

Note: for a correct representation of our home pages, it is highly recommended to activate HTML editor instead of Visual Editor like on the image below.

Custom fields

If you have a different style in the pages, for example a different footer type, footer columns, layout type, etc., you need to set or delete the Custom Fields.

If you don't see the Custom fields in your edit page, you need to enable them:

After you can Add, Delete or Update the custom fields

Set the home page like the home 1 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

Set the home page like the home 2 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

Set the home page like the home 3 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

Set the home page like the home 4 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

Set the home page like the home 5 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

Set the home page like the home 6 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

Set the home page like the home 7 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

Set the home page like the home 8 of our demo

The code contained in content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

Set the home page like the home 9 of our demo

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

Set the home page like the home 10 of our demo

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

Set the home page like the home 11 of our demo

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

Set the home page like the Landing Page of our demo

The code contained in extra content editor is the following:

In Page Settings I have used the following settings:

Setting up the about page (a nice team page!)

You can use this page to show yourself or your team! On the left side of your wordpress panel, find the "Team" panel. Click on "add new" to add a new team.

Select the name you want to use for this team and click on the Publish button on the right side. Now click on the tab "Add Figures" and add the items you need.

With the button "Add Figures" you can add one or more images of your team and then you will be able to configure them.

To add the social icons, in the editor, under the description, use the social icons shortcode:

Now create a new page and enter this shortcode in the editor to have your "team" page:

Setting up the blog page

  1. Go to Page > Add new to create a new page
  2. Give it a title, for example "Blog"
  3. Select the Blog template from the Template menu on the right side
  4. Click publish

You do not need to enter any content on this page. This will be your blog index page, and will list your blog posts in chronological order. You can create your posts in Posts > Add New.

You can customize the layout and appearance of the blog page in Cheope > Theme options > Blog > Settings:

  • Blog Type: choose the layout for your blog page.
  • Exclude categories: set which categories of posts you want to hide from the "categories" widget in the sidebar (if you use this widget) and from the blog page.
  • Show featured image: Select if you want to show the featured image of the post.
  • Show featured image detail: Select if you want to show the featured image of the post when on single page.
  • Show date: Select if you want to show the date of the post.
  • Show author: Select if you want to show the author of the post.
  • Show categories: Select if you want to show the categories of the post.
  • Show comments: Select if you want to show the comments number of the post.
  • Show read more button: Select if you want to show the read more button below the post.

NOTE: In Appearance > Widget you can find the preset sidebar for the blog page. Drag and drop the widgets in the Blog sidebar to customize the sidebar of your blog.


Setting up a portfolio page

Creating a new portfolio

With Portfolio post types you are able to create infinite portfolios, image galleries and videos. On the left side of your wordpress panel, find the "Portfolio" panel. Click on "Add New" to add a new portfolio.

Select the name you want to use for this portfolio, the type of Portfolio (Big Image, Three Columns, etc.) and click on the Publish button on the right side. A new tab will be opened with default settings for the created portfolio.

In this tab you are able to configure the following settings (Note: some settings may be different for different portfolio types):

  • Items per page: number of items to display per page
  • Enable excerpt: to show or not the excerpt for each item
  • Enable lightbox icon: display a lightbox icon when user hover with the mouse over the image.
  • Enable detail icon: display a detail icon when user hover with the mouse over the image
  • Enable title on hover: show the project title on mouse hover
  • Display other projects: choose if you want to display related projects below the single page of projects
  • Items: choose the number of related projects to display
  • Other projects label: the label to display above the related projects

Once you have configured the portfolio settings, click on the tab "Add/Edit Item" and add the items you need.

Now you can configure the item details:

For each project item you can configure the following fields:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Image
  • Video URL
  • Customer
  • Year
  • Skills label: the label showed for skills field
  • Skills
  • Text length: the lenght of the excerpt
  • Read more text: the text showed in read more button. (Note: you can also use a [button] shortcode here)
  • Categories
  • Featured item: this field is used for [portfolio_section] shortcode. Read the relative voice in this documentation

Creating a new portfolio page

Create a new page and click on the "Shortcode" button:

Click on "Post Types" tab and then on "Portfolio" icon. A new window will be opened.

Choose the portfolio you'd like to insert and then click on "Insert shortcode" button.

A new shortcode will be added to your content area:

Setting up a testimonials page

Set a testimonial posts

  • Create a new post by going to Testimonials > Add New;
  • Enter a title;
  • Enter content in the wysiwyg editor;
  • Select the image of the testimonial using the featured image panel;
  • Optional: enter the url and the label of the testimonial's site;
  • Publish post.

Creating a testimonial page

  1. Create a new page by going to Page > Add New;
  2. Give the page a title;


Now create a new shortcode by clicking on the "Shortcode" button:

Click on "Post types" tab and then on "Testimonials" icon. A new window will be opened.

Choose how many items you want to display (leave -1 to show all) and click on "Insert shortcode" button.

A new shortcode will be added to your content area:

Setting up a contact page

Creating a contact form

In this theme you can create unlimited contact forms.

Note: With the installation you will find a default Contact Form with most used configuration.

Create a custom contact form

  • Go to Contact Forms > Add New
  • Select the name of the contact form
  • Customize the settings of the contact form (the image below shows the default settings)
  • Click on Publish
  • Once you've published your contact form you are able to create custom fields.
  • Click on tab "Add/Edit form" and then on Add field. A new field will be added.
  • Click on (Text Input) label and you'll able to customize the field by choosing:
    • Title of the field
    • Name of the field
    • Optional description of the field
    • Type of the field (input, select, radio, etc.)
    • Error message if the field is required and the user submitted wrong data
    • Required or not field
    • If the field requires an email validation
    • If the field is the email field where you can reply.
    • Additional class(es)
    • Icon inside the field (eg. icon-user)

Creating a contact page

  1. Create a new page by going to Page > Add New;
  2. Give the page a title (like Contact);

Now create a new shortcode by clicking on the "Shortcode" button:

Click on "Post types" tab and then on "Contact Form" icon. A new window will be opened.

Choose the contact form you'd like to use and click on "Insert shortcode" button.

A new shortcode will be added to your content area:

Setting up the Features Tabs

On the left side of your wordpress panel, find the "Features Tabs" panel. Click on "add new" to add a new Feature Tabs.

Select the name you want to use for this feture tabs and click on the Publish button on the right side. Now click on the tab "Add tab" and add the tabs you need.

With the button "Add tab" you can add one tab and then you will be able to configure them.

Now create a new page and enter this shortcode in the editor to have your "features tabs" page:

Setting up a slider

Creating a new slider

On the left side of your Wordpress panel, find the "Slider" panel. Click on "Add New" to add a new slider.

Select the name you want to use for this slider, type of the slider (Layer, Elastic, etc.) and click on the Publish button on the right side. A new tab will be opened with default settings for the created slider.

In this tab you are able to configure the slider settings (Note: settings are diffrent for different slider types):

Once you have configured the slider settings, click on the tab "Add/Edit Item" and add the items you need.

Now you can configure the item details:

For each project item you can configure their fields. Each slider contains different fields.

Creating a new page with slider

Create a new page and go to Page Settings just below the page content.

Here you can choose the slider you'd like to use. If you select the Default slider the page will use the default slider configured in Cheope > Theme Options.

You can also decide to use a static image instead of a slider.

Another way to include sliders into Wordpress pages is to use shortcodes:

Click on the button "Shortcodes":

Click on "Post Types" tab and then on "Slider" icon. A new window will be opened.

Choose the slider you'd like to insert and then click on "Insert shortcode" button.

A new shortcode will be added to your content area:

Setting up the FAQ

Creating a new FAQ

On the left side of your Wordpress panel, find the "FAQ" panel. Click on "Add New" to add a new FAQ.

Type the Title and the content of your faq, set the category on the right side, if you need to create a new category, click on "Add New Category". Finally, click on plublish button.

Creating a new FAQ Page

Once you have created all your faq, create a new Page (Pages -> Add New).

Write the title page (note this can't be "Faq" ) and insert the FAQ shortcode (you can find it on "Post Type" tab in the shortcode manager)

You can show all or some categories

Please don't use the shortcode FAQ in a page with "faq" permalink (e.g.

Using the Popup

How to enable the Popup

On the left side of your Wordpress panel, find the "Cheope" panel. Click on Theme Options and click on Popup -> Settings and Turn On Popup.

Fill the fields you need and click on Save options.

If you want to display a field for the newsletter's subscription open the "Newsletter Form" tabs and fill the url of your newsletter subscription. (You must use an external service for newsletters)


This is a list of some shortcodes of this theme. Insert this code in the editor of your page.

In the support forum you can find a video tutorial that can help you to use the shortcodes.
Follow this page to verify your purchase and access to the support forum!


Border (use it to separate the content with a border)

Space (use it to add some space between the elements)

Clear (use it after columns and icon boxes)

Call to action



Quote text

Highlight text

Styled lists

Symbols: Star / arrow / check / add / info

Alert boxes

Success box

Arrow box

Alert box

Error box

Notice box

Info box


Custom buttons

Custom buttons with icon on the left

Big colorful buttons

Small colorful buttons

Icon boxes

Icon boxes


Tick / bag / pictures / letter / box / bubble / bulb / calendar / cart / chart / clipboard / coffee / diagram / doodles / gear / info / globe / gift / label / moleskine / monitor / mphone / news / open / pc / pencil / phone / postit / qmark / refresh / shopbag / statistics / testimonial

Icon boxes (black style)

Icons: card-black / brush-black / monitor-black / chart-bar / box / case / chart-line / bookmark / checkbox-checked / phone-black / contact / info /

Tabs, Toggles & Table



Price box



YouTube video

Vimeo video

Dailymotion video

Nivo slideshow

Effects: sliceDown / sliceDownLeft / sliceUp / sliceUpLeft / sliceUpDown / sliceUpDownLeft / fold / fade / random / slideInRight / slideInLeft / boxRandom / boxRain / boxRainReverse / boxRainGrow / boxRainGrowReverse

Feed slider

  • url - Feed Url, XML file
  • number - number of feeds you want to show

Members only content - private content

  • role - Who can see this content? Choose from administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber.
  • message - Message to display if the logged-on user does not have the necessary level to see the content. Optional.

Example of the code:

Images styling

To stylize your images, add lightbox effect and so on:

  • size (“small”, “medium”, “large” or “fullwidth”, medium by default)
  • link (image link – optional)
  • target (“_blank”, “_parent”, “_self”, or “_top” – optional)
  • lightbox (“true” or “false”, “true” by default
  • title (lightbox caption – optional)
  • align (“left” or “right” – optional)
  • group (group name to make lighbox gallery)
  • width (image width – optional)
  • height (image height – optional)
  • autoheight (“true” or “false” for auto height the image, false by default – optional)


Recent posts

Popular posts

Google map

Social icons

Testimonial slider

Newsletter form

Unlimited sidebar

In this theme you'll find 5 preset sidebars:

  1. Default sidebar
  2. Nav sidebar
  3. Blog sidebar
  4. 404 sidebar
  5. Footer sidebar


The default sidebar is the preset sidebar that you can find in your pages when you set a page with "sidebar right or left" layout without to select a sidebar to assign. Put a widget in the default sidebar to display it on your page instead of the static wordpress sidebar with blogroll, search and so on.

You can also create unlimited sidebar:

  1. Go to Cheope > Sidebars > Custom Sidebars > Add New
  2. Enter a name for your custom sidebar
  3. Click "Add" button
Then go to Appearance > Widget. Here you will find the new sidebar, and you can drag/drop the widgets.


Custom widgets

14 custom widgets are provided with the theme. These are:

  1. More projects: show a gallery with thumbnails of portfolio's projects;
  2. Featured projects display a slider with portfolio project's;
  3. Portfolio categories display list of portfolio categories. (The widget is also used with portfolio filterable as vertical list of categories);
  4. Text with images: show a section with image and text in your sidebar;
  5. Icon text: show a text section with a icon (used only in Cycle slider widget area);
  6. Testimonials: slider with latest testimonials;
  7. Google map: display a custom google map;
  8. Popular post: display the popular post;
  9. Recent post: display the recent post;
  10. Almost all categories: hide some categories from the blog;
  11. Contact Info: display your contact info in the sidebar;
  12. Last post: show the title of last blog post, with ability to add an icon near the title of widget (used in Cycle slider widget area);
  13. Quote: display a quote with its author.
  14. Audio Player: add a SoundCloud audio player


This theme is based on the WooCommerce plugin. You can search it in your plugin area, install and active it.

In our support forum there are a complete videoscreencast that can help you to set your store: how to create product's categories, how to add products and change the style of your product page (and the style of the products thumbnails) and so on.

Shop Shortcodes

This is a list of some shortcodes of this theme. Insert this code in the editor of your page.

Best sellers

Show products

Latest products

Featured products


Category Beds

Show category

Category Products with slider

Show category with slider

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation

To use the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation you need to create an attribute in Products -> Attributes with more Terms.


Create more products with the attributes created before.

After, go to Appearance -> Widgets and insert the widget called YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation in a sidebar. You need to insert one widget for each attributes.

NOTE: the sidebar must be set in a Shop page

Set the widget with:

  • Title
  • Attribute
  • Query type
  • Type


YITH WooCommerce Compare

You can set the options of this plugin in WooCommerce > Settings >Products Compare.

You can show the button Compare checking the options "Show button in single product page" and "Show button in products list".


In Table Settings you can set the attributes that it will be show in the compare popup.

For yse the Compare plugin, you need simple to create a product with some attributes and click on the popup button. Now you see the popup with the products:


If you want add a custom link in the menu for open a popup (for example in the Topbar menu), you can add the link with this CSS class: yith-woocompare-open



This theme is ready for localization via .po/.mo files, and works with the WPML plugin.

If you are not familiar with translating Wordpress themes, I recommend you reading this article:

Change the language of Cheope for dummies

  1. Check the values of your wp-config, the language of this file must match to your translation;
  2. Find the folder languages of the theme
  3. Duplicate default.po
  4. Rename your copy of default.po example: fr_FR.po for France, en_EN.po for English, he_HE.po for hebraic, and so on.
  5. Download POEdit
  6. Open your file with the POEdit software
  7. Translate your file
  8. In File click on Preferences and tick Automatically generate mo
  9. Save your file
  10. Send the new .mo and .po via FTP to your server, in the folder languages of the theme

Setting up the menu

This theme uses wp-nav-menu for building menus. You find this in Appearance > Menus.

For more info on how to setup your menu in WordPress see


Building the menu

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Enter a name for your menu
  3. Click on Create Menu

  4. Now in the Theme Location select the menu you just created
  5. Click on Save

  6. Now tick the pages you want to add to menu and click Add to Menu

When you add all pages to your menu, you can drag/drop and order pages.

Building a "megamenu" (like "Shop by" of our demo)

First of all, if you didn't activate, you have to activate the CSS Classes, Custom Links, Product Categories and Price Filter checkboxes from Screen options menu placed in the top right corner of the page.

In the main item set the classes "megamenu"

Then add other menu itemes (pages, category, custom links...)

To add item of the submenu "Price" use the "Price Filter"

The item "Must Have" is a "custom links" item with the product url and the product image url

The content is:

Version 2.6.0 - Apr, 12, 2017

  1. New: WooCommerce 3.0 support
  2. Fix: Classes on single product
  3. Fix: Excerpt conflict with share
  4. Fix: Minor bugs

Version 2.5.1 - Jun, 20, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.6 support
  2. Updated: Slider Revolution

Version 2.5.0 - May, 02, 2016

  1. Added: WordPress 4.5 support
  2. Added: PHP7 support
  3. Updated: Slider Revolution 5.2.5
  4. Fixed: Dounle quantity on add to cart with Google Chrome

Version 2.4.7 - Apr, 04, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.5.5 support
  2. Updated: Slider Revolution

Version 2.4.6 - Feb, 09, 2016

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.5.2 support
  2. Added: Option "Send Email to product vendor" for YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor
  3. Fixed: Revolution slider layout
  4. Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Quick View comaptibility

Version 2.4.5 - Jan, 11, 2016

  1. Added: WordPress 4.4 support
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.13 support
  3. Added: WooCommerce 2.5.x (tested with version RC-1)
  4. Update: Revolution Slider to 5.1.6 version
  5. Fixed: Default tagline separator

Version 2.4.4 - Nov, 23, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.10 support
  2. Added: YITH Essential Kit support
  3. Added: WordPress Title Tag support
  4. Added: Support to Wordpress favicon system( Site Identity )
  5. Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.1.3 version
  6. Fixed: Price hided on WooCommerce custom product types

Version 2.4.3 - Oct, 27, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.8 support
  2. Added: Multiple choice categories for "Products Tabs" and "Products Slider" shortcodes
  3. Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.1 version
  4. Fixed: Double menu issue
  5. Fixed: Prevent plugin settings event conflict

Version 2.4.2 - Sep, 10, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.6 support
  2. Added: Revolution Slider 5.0.7
  3. Fixed: Blank site issue

Version 2.4.1 - Sep, 01, 2015

  1. Fixed: Notice when save theme options
  2. Fixed: Multistep checkout ship to billing checkbox
  3. Fixed: Blank Theme Options

Version 2.4.0 - Aug, 21, 2015

  1. Added: Wordpress 4.3 compatibility
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.4.5 support
  3. Added: Revolution Slider (Note* you could need to resave your existing sliders)
  4. Removed: Wpml deprecated function

Version 2.3.3 - Jul, 10, 2015

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.3.13 support note* removed "cheope/woocommerce/myaccount/my-orders.php" template note* removed "cheope/woocommerce/myaccount/form-login.php" template
  2. Added: YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor
  3. Added: YITH WooComerce Request a Quote
  4. Added: YITH WooComerce Social Login
  5. Added: YITH WooComerce Catalog Mode
  6. Added: YITH WooCommerce Pdf Invoice
  7. Added: YITH WooCommerce Cart Message
  8. Added: YITH WooCommerce Stripe
  9. Added: YITH WooCommerce
  10. Adedd: YITH Live Chat
  11. Updated: Revolution Slider to version 4.6.93 note* removed all files inside "cheope/theme/templates/sliders/revolution-slider" directory except "config.php" and "slider.php"
  12. Fixed: YITH WooComerce Advanced Reviews compatibility
  13. Fixed: Image Grid slider layout issue

Version 2.3.2 - Apr, 27, 2015

  1. Added: Wordpress 4.2 compatibility
  2. Added: WooCommerce 2.3.8 support
  3. Added: WooCommerce Composite Products support
  4. Updated: Revolution Slider to version 4.6.9
  5. Fixed: Wp security issue

Version 2.3.1 - Mar, 12, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.3.5 support
  2. Added: Yith Woocomerce Order Tracking
  3. Adedd: Yith Woocommerce Advanced Reviews
  4. Fixed: "Wpml" compatibility
  5. Fixed: "Contact Form" security issue
  6. Removed: "core/yit/Metaboxes.php" file
  7. Removed: "woocommerce/checkout/form-payment.php" file

Version 2.3.0 - Feb, 12, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.3.2 support
  2. Added: Yith Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0 *note you must remove embedded wishlist to use it.
  3. Fixed: Ssl cache url
  4. Removed: Embedded Yith Wishlist directory

Version 2.3.0 - Feb, 12, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.3.2 support
  2. Added: Yith Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0 *note you must remove embedded wishlist to use it.
  3. Fixed: Ssl cache url
  4. Removed: Embedded Yith Wishlist directory

Version 2.2.0 - Jan, 13, 2015

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.10 support
  2. Added: Wordpress 4.1 support
  3. Added: Yit Woocomerce Zoom Magnifier 1.1.5 support
  4. Added: Yit Woocomerce Wishlist 1.1.7 support
  5. Added: Og:type support
  6. Added: Linkedin button to share shortcode
  7. Added: New hook in testimonials slider to hide the title link to single testimonial page. The hook is named 'yit_sc_testimonial_show_title'
  8. Added: New hook to force blog post meta data in frontend even if the post type is not "post". The hook is named 'yit_force_blog_meta'
  9. Updated: Revolution Slider to version 4.6.5
  10. Fixed: Description for pinterest share
  11. Fixed: Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Option price issue
  12. Fixed: Product categories slider doesn't work
  13. Fixed: Wpml Compatibility

Version 2.1.9

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.8 support
  2. Added: Layout attribute to Recent and Popular Post shortcode
  3. Added: Option for customize Favicon on mobile devices
  4. Updated: Label "Custom Related Products Number" to "Show Related Products"
  5. Fixed: Contact Form issue
  6. Fixed: Verify password required on single product page
  7. Fixed: Image.php issue with W3 Total Cache plugin
  8. Fixed: Featured Products Widget image size
  9. Fixed: Woocommerce order details issue
  10. Fixed: Wrong Breadcrumb on tags archive page
  11. Fixed: notice in review.php woocommerce template
  12. Fixed: sku hidden in single product detail page
  13. Fixed: must have image on menu not shown
  14. Fixed: Prevent duplicate og content with Wordpress Seo plugin activated

Version 2.1.8

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.6 support
  2. Added: Yith Magnifier 1.1.3 support
  3. Added: Yith Wishlist 1.1.6 support

Version 2.1.7

  1. Fixed: Secure protocol for youtube, vimeo, viddler and veoh shortcode
  2. Fixed: missed path for tbld.js in revolution slider
  3. Fixed: Using first seo description for og:description tag and white spaces missed
  4. Fixed: YIW links problem
  5. Tweak: Conditional Wrapper for RecaptchaLib functions and classes. Prevent fatal errors

Version 2.1.6

  1. Fixed: Minor Revolution Slider issues

Version 2.1.5

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.3 support

Version 2.1.4

  1. Fixed: Revolutions slider files missed

Version 2.1.3

  1. Added: Woocommerce 2.2.2 support

Version 2.1.2

  1. Updated: Revolution Slider to version 4.6. This version resolve important vulnerability issues.

Version 2.1.1

  1. Added: Wordpress 4.0 support
  2. Added: Filter to remove mini cart widget on header, the filter is named 'yit_disable_mini_cart'
  3. Fixed: Notice on single product page when a product have no image set and magnifier is active

Version 2.1.0

  1. Fixed: Wishlist page and Backorder state
  2. Fixed: Translation tabs title
  3. Fixed: Comments Redirect
  4. Fixed: Breadcrumb is wrong when the page template is set to "blog"
  5. Fixed: Pinterest pagination blog layout
  6. Fixed: Logo Slider not work with https url
  7. Fixed: Undefined index family in Font class
  8. Fixed: Menu shadow image no longer exists cause 404 in console
  9. Fixed: Contact Form position on wp admin menu disappear if CF7 is installed
  10. Fixed: Wpml Wishlist settings labels
  11. Fixed: Wpml text translated for Text Image and Icon Text
  12. Fixed: Minor css issues on single product page
  13. Fixed: Wpml Magnifier translate loading label
  14. Fixed: Wpml Title Blog Translation
  15. Fixed: Font size min limit on theme option
  16. Fixed: New google map urls
  17. Fixed: 'show_products' shortcode pagination
  18. Fixed: WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing compatibility
  19. Fixed: Woocommerce add to cart loop
  20. Fixed: Button icon target shortcode
  21. Added: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.12
  22. Added: Filter for Contact Form menu position on wp admin menu. The filter is named 'yit_contact_form_menu_position'
  23. Added: Filter on single product gallery to remove the featured image. The filter is named 'yit_remove_featured_from_magnifier_slider'
  24. Added: Filter to force the value of the use ask info metadata for single products. The filter is named 'yit_force_use_ask_info_value'
  25. Added: Filter to related.php for change columns as the archive pages
  26. Added: Captcha system in contact forms
  27. Update: Wishlist Plugin to version 1.1.5
  28. Update: Magnifier Plugin to version 1.1.2
  29. Removed: Single product main image from gallery
  30. Added: "Disable Wp Admin Bar" option to Theme Options

Version 2.0.0

  1. Fixed: Remove Coupon
  2. Added: Support to WP 3.9
  3. Added: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.7
  4. Added: Filter to hide login/register widget on header. Filter is named yit_header_login_register_widget
  5. Added: Retype password on registration form

Version 1.9.1

  1. Added: On Sale option in Porduct Slider shortcode
  2. Added: Tumblr icon in social shortcode
  3. Update: Revolution slider plugin
  4. Fixed: Twice ReOrder button on My Account page
  5. Fixed: Firefox Form Login Style
  6. Fixed: Javascript submenu selectors when depth has more than 3 levels
  7. Fixed: Required checkbox on contact form page
  8. Fixed: Wrong vertical direction of carousel on Magnifier
  9. Fixed: Bug in thumbnails gallery under main product image
  10. Fixed: Footer disaligned in woocommerce pages when layout is boxed
  11. Fixed: Features tab not working properly with sliders

Version 1.9.0

  1. Added: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.x
  2. Fixed: bug in zoom-magnifier in product with variations

Version 1.8.6

  1. Fixed: bug in the wordpress editor with revolution slider plugin active

Version 1.8.5

  1. Added: Compatibility to WordPress 3.8
  2. Added: support to FB Connect free plugin and integrated with the theme
  3. Added: support to braintree payment gateway
  4. Added: Missing hooks in cart woocommerce_before_cart
  5. Added: Woocommerce Subscription compatibility
  6. Updated: Updated Google Fonts
  7. Updated: Revolution slider to latest version 4.1.4
  8. Fixed: Performance improved
  9. Fixed: Google Maps style in contact page
  10. Fixed: Better SSL compatibility
  11. Fixed: Language files supported also in the child theme
  12. Fixed: Product price in single product page of external products
  13. Fixed: Restored default order in CPT Unlimited
  14. Fixed: Toggle shortcode support shortcodes inside its content
  15. Fixed: Shortcodes product_categories and product_categories_slider order options
  16. Fixed: products sliders in the features tab

Version 1.8.4

  1. Updated: Google fonts
  2. Fixed: Missing alt attribute in the images
  3. Fixed: Flexslider on mobiles
  4. Fixed: CPT Unlimited show items in descending order
  5. Fixed: On/Off options was not working in the Shortcode Manager
  6. Fixed: Type error in the login form of WooCommerce
  7. Fixed: WooCommerce guest checkout works fine
  8. Fixed: Breadcrumb on the blog page
  9. Fixed: Single product tabs re-styled for mobiles
  10. Fixed: Dutch translation had Russian strings in it
  11. Fixed: Popular post shortcode now works fine
  12. Fixed: Wrong products in "Show Product Best Sellers" Shortcodes
  13. Added: FlexSlider ControlNav option

Version 1.8.3

  1. Added: %sku% variable in contact forms
  2. Added: Hungarian language
  3. Updated: Italian translation strings
  4. Fixed: From Name and From Email fields for contact forms
  5. Fixed: WP Caption on responsive
  6. Fixed: Login form does not show on checkout if you are already logged in
  7. Fixed: Flexslider Elegant height on responsive
  8. Fixed: Flexlsiders animation on IE
  9. Fixed: Checkout error when the user is not logged in
  10. Fixed: Price sorting in Show products shortcode
  11. Fixed: Contact form success message icon
  12. Fixed: category items misaligned when mouse over

Version 1.8.2

  1. Added: support with Wordpress 3.6 RC2
  2. Added: Open Graph enable button
  3. Added: The product thumbnails gallery automatically add the featured image if it does not exists already
  4. Updated: Revolution Plugin to 3.0.8 version (added compatibility to WP 3.6)
  5. Updated: Spanish language pack by harciniega
  6. Updated: French language pack by Antoine Bussière
  7. Fixed: WPML dropdown not showing
  8. Fixed: Last tweets widget, error on multiple lines
  9. Fixed: Header cart content after WooCommerce 2.0.13
  10. Fixed: Toggle widget icons
  11. Fixed: Quantity selector disappear on variation if it's not in stock
  12. Fixed: Notifier cache
  13. Fixed: OGP title now use the correct title also if you use SEO options
  14. Fixed: Product title Rich Snippet
  15. Fixed: Elastic slider thumbs path without sizes
  16. Fixed: Custom fonts on SSL
  17. Fixed: Typography options for the blog title

Version 1.8.1

  1. Added: filter yit_wc_registration_form_bloginfo
  2. Updated: french language (by Antoine Bussiere)
  3. Updated: Localization in some files
  4. Updated: language files
  5. Updated: child folder
  6. Fixed: Product Inquiry form
  7. Fixed: Products image size in Home with small sidebar
  8. Fixed: options for hide/show title in shop pages
  9. Fixed: show on sale on variable product

Version 1.8.0

  1. Added: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation Plugin
  2. Added: YITH WooCommerce Compare Plugin
  3. Added: global options for Twitter API
  4. Added: out of stock text on product page
  5. Updated: Twitter widget and shortcode now work with new API
  6. Updated: languages file
  7. Fixed: Product Inquiry tab better management
  8. Fixed: notice on contact form headers
  9. Fixed: OGP HTML tag
  10. Fixed: Button Payment on checkout classic and terms & conditions checkbox position on both checkout styles
  11. Fixed: Unregister post types
  12. Fixed: Out of stock notice in product page
  13. Fixed: image size with SSL enabled

Version 1.7.1

  1. Updated: language files
  2. Updated: child folder
  3. Fixed: placeholder js error with 2.0.11 version of woocommerce
  4. Fixed: wrong trackbacks and pingbacks for the posts
  5. Fixed: slug in the option of product variations
  6. Fixed: bug with configuration restore
  7. Fixed: Toggle Menu style

Version 1.7.0

  1. Added: OGP Meta tags
  2. Added: social icons for Mail, Vimeo, Vine
  3. Added: confirm message when you want install the sample data
  4. Added: Categories and Tags archive pages now support the description
  5. Added: wpml-config.xml
  6. Fixed: improved compatibility with WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin
  7. Fixed: WooCommerce message boxes style
  8. Fixed: now checkout multistep support gateway Stripe
  9. Fixed: Breadcrumb on single portfolios pages
  10. Fixed: bug "Payment Method" button in checkout multistep
  11. Fixed: OGP meta tag image get full size image
  12. Fixed: removed old template empty.php and added cart-empty.php
  13. Fixed: resize image with SSL
  14. Fixed: [tabs] shortcode inside the single product page in woocommerce
  15. Fixed: show_variable_price filter working fine
  16. Fixed: Breadcrumb fatal error on posts without category
  17. Fixed: custom.css located also in the child theme
  18. Fixed: Translation issue in Recent Comments widget
  19. Fixed: added message 'Add to cart' in Wishlist page
  20. Fixed: Sale badge everywhere from WooCommerce 2.0.10
  21. Fixed: bug in sku text when you change a variation
  22. Fixed: Compatibility with WooCommerce custom availability
  23. Removed: Gravity Forms premium plugin
  24. Removed: WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav premium plugin
  25. Removed: WooCommerce Compare Products premium plugin
  26. Removed: Gravity Forms Product Addons premium plugin

Version 1.6.0

  1. Added: Improved site speed
  2. Added: Improved Theme Options speed
  3. Added: New Image management. Now only the image sizes needed will be created
  4. Added: Sitemap shortcode
  5. Added: Gravity Form and Woocommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons plugins
  6. Added: option for clean the resized images from Theme options
  7. Added: external plugins support
  8. Added: maintenance mode
  9. Added: custom login
  10. Added: Back to top button
  11. Added: Blog single post layout option
  12. Added: social icons: Instagram, Youtube, Vkontakte
  13. Added: Search mini submit button on the magnifier icon
  14. Added: SEO tab in Products
  15. Added: Product title in the review if is not the first comment
  16. Added: SSN field option in checkout
  17. Updated: Core framework
  18. Updated: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  19. Updated: Revolution Slider to 2.3.91
  20. Updated: YITH WooCommerce Magnifier
  21. Updated: French language pack by Olivia Pambrun
  22. Updated: Google fonts
  23. Fixed: Button "Payment Method" position in multistep checkout
  24. Fixed: Archive template sidebar width
  25. Fixed: Testimonials archive page
  26. Fixed: product image with product variation selected
  27. Fixed: Page meta in pinterest blog layout
  28. Fixed: Lightbox if WooCommerce is not enabled
  29. Fixed: Featured products slider image size
  30. Fixed: Featured products slider widget notices
  31. Fixed: Product Inquiry form spell
  32. Fixed: default image sizes for WooCommerce images
  33. Fixed: Default value for select icon admin type
  34. Fixed: Double error message in checkout
  35. Fixed: Addresses titles like in WooCommerce in my account page
  36. Fixed: Contact form now is fluid. Also added the class left-no-margin for contact form fields
  37. Fixed: warning in my account page
  38. Fixed: Popup message, support for shortcodes
  39. Fixed: Billing form when checkout as guest
  40. Fixed: WooCommerce message boxes
  41. Fixed: Product sliders stop on hover
  42. Fixed: The product attribute archive use the correct template
  43. Fixed: Dailymotion shortcode now uses iFrames
  44. Fixed: Featured Products slider widget now correctly use its parameters
  45. Fixed: Wishlist error while loading wp-load.php
  46. Fixed: list or grid view for category items
  47. Fixed: jQuery errors in script inline Fixed: "none" not found error
  48. Fixed: Blog big title without thumbnail on mobiles
  49. Fixed: Support for WooCommerce Mix/Max Quantities in the catalog pages
  50. Fixed: Shop page title
  51. Fixed: Review form labels
  52. Fixed: Shipping calculator issue with the placeholder
  53. Fixed: Login fields in multistep checkout
  54. Fixed: Removed widget Featured Products if WooCommerce is not installed and enabled
  55. Fixed: Trackbacks disable correctly on blog posts
  56. Fixed: Wishlist correctly handle external products
  57. Fixed: Place order button in the multistep checkout
  58. Fixed: Contact forms fields style issue
  59. Fixed: Wishlist error when adding products with cookies enabled and user not logged in
  60. Fixed: Error when switching from list view to grid view
  61. Fixed: Blog big standard post format shows correctly the title if all other metas are disabled
  62. Fixed: Coupon correctly handled in the cart/checkout
  63. Fixed: Shop page correctly handle SEO options
  64. Fixed: Quantity selector issue with the plugin WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities
  65. Fixed: Changed login url on comments when comments for unregistered users are disabled
  66. Fixed: Restored the label "Price"
  67. Fixed: Recent posts widget exclude categories
  68. Fixed: Lists in the description of the product in list view
  69. Fixed: Added the class .woocommerce_message to the css handler
  70. Fixed: Product categories shortcode order options
  71. Fixed: Payment tooltips in checkout multistep
  72. Fixed: Shortcodes correctly handled in the custom tab of products
  73. Fixed: Responsive images when below 768px
  74. Fixed: overlay popup in single product page
  75. Fixed: Payment Method back button position

Version 1.5.1

  1. Added: SSN field in Checkout
  2. Added: Product Rating shortcode [rating id="product_id"]
  3. Added: Swedish language pack by jakobde (
  4. Updated: Language packs
  5. Fixed: Wishlist error when the product does not exist
  6. Fixed: Megamenu typography option
  7. Fixed: Variations were hidden in some products

Version 1.5.0

  1. Added: WooCommerce 2.0 support
  2. Added: French Language by Olivia Pambrun
  3. Added: Portuguese Language from Carlos Costa
  4. Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to version 2.3.3
  5. Fixed: email field value in call to action three
  6. Fixed: Shipping Address
  7. Fixed: Infinite Product Slider

Version 1.4.0

  1. Added: shortcode wishlist in the panel
  2. Added: options in theme options for change the font of price and quantity in the header top cart
  3. Added: color on hover of the title in the blog in theme options
  4. Updated: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  5. Updated: Support link
  6. Fixed: Wrong position of the "Added" label on product with layout classic without border
  7. Fixed: Blog big meta box
  8. Fixed: Notice in the pagination
  9. Fixed: Shop buttons color options
  10. Fixed: category in shortcode [posts]
  11. Fixed: YITH WCWL was not well disabled if you disable it
  12. Fixed: price line width in top cart
  13. Fixed: Price and quantity in the header top cart
  14. Fixed: Metaboxes lost when edit in quick mode
  15. Fixed: Login/Register disallined when WooCommerce is not installed
  16. Fixed: Error in the Spanish translation that breaks the theme options
  17. Fixed: Improved website speed
  18. Fixed: Child theme folder updated
  19. Fixed: nonce field in the newsletter form
  20. Fixed: Product price appears in the top of the page only if all variations have the same price
  21. Fixed: FAQ trims the categories list
  22. Fixed: Images grid slider width on mobiles
  23. Fixed: padding widget search form
  24. Fixed: meta typography in blog
  25. Fixed: video vimeo in slide details
  26. Fixed: Popup nonce field and tab Newletter corrected
  27. Fixed: shortcode testimonial
  28. Fixed: setting of page title shop, products details and category
  29. Fixed: double content in the pages
  30. Fixed: breadcrumb home blog
  31. Fixed: blog pinterest
  32. Fixed: Archives templates retrieve correct posts
  33. Fixed: colorbox issue in checkout page with SSL active
  34. Fixed: Popup z-index in the single product page
  35. Fixed: Slider does not show if there's only the featured image
  36. Fixed: Review forms when the lightbox is enabled
  37. Removed: Removed deprecated $.bind()
  38. Removed: sidebar-header call that is useless

Version 1.3

  1. Added: YITH WooCommerce Magnifier Plugin
  2. Added: Shortcode [logged_user]
  3. Added: Pagination to the shortcode [show_products]
  4. Added: spanish translation by Desarrollo - El Artesano Web
  5. Added: Child theme folder
  6. Added: breadcrumb in blog
  7. Added: Show/Hide update notification
  8. Added: Related products span class filter
  9. Added: Toggle menu active option, and active link highlighted
  10. Added: slider in the shop page
  11. Added: Fixed image can link
  12. Added: filter yit_product_tabs_span_class
  13. Added: Option to hide the search bar in the header
  14. Updated: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin
  15. Updated: Languages files
  16. Fixed: Page title separator
  17. Fixed: Small blog type does not print metas if all are deselected
  18. Fixed: Page title separator
  19. Fixed: Registration page on mobiles
  20. Fixed: megamenu typography options
  21. Fixed: typography shortcodes correctly handle paragraphs
  22. Fixed: [social] support target=""
  23. Fixed: Newsletter form label hide/show
  24. Fixed: megamenu typography options
  25. Fixed: Style error in the cart with decimals prices
  26. Fixed: shortcode [image] link attribute
  27. Fixed: Default contact form width
  28. Fixed: Contact forms CSS
  29. Fixed: Checkout multistep with sidebar
  30. Fixed: Missing row in archives
  31. Fixed: yit_get_img() function and constant
  32. Fixed: Google+ share
  33. Fixed: Cart HTML W3C error
  34. Fixed: cart issue when removeing products
  35. Fixed: variations correctly handle stock
  36. Fixed: icon in banner, testimonial slider with ie
  37. Fixed: shortcode call_three hidden fields
  38. Fixed: Tabs shortcode
  39. Fixed: bug in yit_clean_text()
  40. Fixed: color box invisible on safari
  41. Fixed: "NetworkError: 406 Not Acceptable" in jquery.cookie.js file
  42. Fixed: shortcode soundcloud
  43. Fixed: Upload images button did not work with WP 3.5
  44. Fixed: define in the theme option
  45. Fixed: Default contact form width
  46. Fixed: Contact forms CSS
  47. Fixed: warning message in the update notifier page
  48. Fixed: woocommerce files localization
  49. Fixed: yit_is_writable
  50. Fixed: 404 default text is now translation ready
  51. Fixed: Menu in IE8
  52. Fixed: 404 content ID
  53. Removed: Etalage zoom plugin
  54. Removed: Removed deprecated $.live()

Version 1.2.3

  1. Updated: Revolution Slider version
  2. Fixed: Wishlist shortcode

Version 1.2.2

  1. Added: Backup & Reset buttons
  2. Fixed: Error in loading tabs and submenus in the theme option
  3. Fixed: warning with prepare method of $wpdb.

Version 1.2.1

  1. Updated: languages files
  2. Fixed: minor bug with zoom images
  3. Fixed: errors with YITH WCWL integration
  4. Fixed: spinner
  5. Fixed: Change event in the country select of checkout classic

Version 1.2

  1. Theme Option speed improved
  2. Core improved
  3. Added: Newsletter configuration panel
  4. Added: Support to Google Fonts Subset
  5. Added: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium plugin
  6. Added: Price filter widget style
  7. Added: Shortcode tabs in Theme Options
  8. Added: Russian language and updated languages files
  9. Updated: Revolution Slider
  10. Fixed: Contact form bugs
  11. Fixed: zoom bugs
  12. Fixed: parsing shortcodes in slide detail portfolio
  13. Fixed: minor bugs
  14. Fixed: Bug when selected Open All in Toggle Menu widget
  15. Fixed: Warning cache permissions
  16. Fixed: Toggle labels

Version 1.1

  1. Added: "Add to cart" color in Theme Options
  2. Added: Button personalization and style filter
  3. Added: Buttons text colors in Theme Options
  4. Added: A filter in Theme Options -> Typography -> General
  5. Added: Toggle menu widget now supports 3rd level
  6. Fixed: Bug in Appearance -> Menus on IE9
  7. Fixed: HTML error in the shortcode [faq]
  8. Fixed: Shortcode [testimonials] row
  9. Fixed: Italic style support for the font Muli
  10. Fixed: Categories filter for the shortcodes recent/popular posts

Version 1.0

  1. Initial release.