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Set the portfolio pages

In this page you will learn how to set your portfolio.

1. Install and activate the YIT Portfolio plugin

Start to install the YIT Portfolio plugin. Click on the green button as shown in the images below:

install yit portfolio plugin

And then click to "install" to install the plugin.

install yit portfolio plugin

After the installation, click to "activate" to activate the plugin.

2. Create a portfolio

Click on Portfolio > Add new portfolio:

Create a new portfolio

and then in this page:

Create a new portfolio

you can:

  1. Enter a name for the portfolio
  2. Choose the portfolio layout (pinterest or filterable)
  3. Set the taxonomy (to customize the url of the portfolio and of each project)
  4. Choose the layout for the project detail page
  5. Set how many project to show in each page and how many rows
  6. Set other settings for filters, hover effect and son

Then click on "publish" to create the portfolio. After this in Portfolio > All portfolio, you can find the portfolio created and click on the "view projects" button:

view projects

Then click on the "add project button" to create a new project.

add project

Here you can:

add project
  1. Enter a title for the project
  2. Add the project description
  3. Add the settings like customer info, years and so on
  4. Upload the images for the project (you can upload multiple images and set the "featured" image to choose the first image you want to show)
  5. Set a category for the project
  6. Click on "publish" to publicate the project.

After this, you can create the portfolio page to show your works. Create a new page and click on the "+" to add a new shortcode inside the page using the visual composer:

Create a new portfolio page

Click on the portfolio shortcode:

Create a portfolio page

and in the shortcode panel choose the portfolio you want to insert in the page and click on the "save" button.

Create a portfolio page