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In this section, you will learn how to set your site to Maintenance Mode (without locking yourself out) and activate the Child Theme.

1. Setting Your Site to "Maintenance" Mode

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To use the YITH Maintenance Mode first you need to install our plugin (click here to download).

Setting Your Site to Maintenance Mode – Your site may be up and running, but you’re probably not ready to have users register, bid or purchase.
To prevent these activities, just set your site to Maintenance Mode. On the left sidebar of your Bi-Shop theme, find and click on the word “Appeareance”. Scroll down to “Maintenance Mode” and click it, you will see this screen:
***WARNING! To activate “Maintenance Mode”, set “Enable Maintenance Mode” to checked . But BEFORE YOU CLICK SAVE, you MUST set Administrator to checked in “Roles” list. If you do not “allow” the administrator (YOU!) access to the site, you will lock yourself out of your own site.

IF YOU SOMEHOW MANAGE TO LOCK YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR SITE, you will need to open a ticket at YIThemes for help getting back in.

A maintenance page example


2. Activating and Using the Child Theme

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As you customize, you will make many changes. However, it is NEVER RECOMMENDED to make any changes to core files because each time a theme update is released, your changes will be over-written and you’ll have to start all over again.

For this reason, we’ve included a Child Theme identical to the Bi-Shop Parent theme which allows you to make changes without fear that your hard work and customizations will be over-written.

The Child Theme must be activated via FTP. Here’s how:

First, open your FTP files. If you’ve forgotten how to do this, just follow the instructions in Step One, Item #7b of this manual to understand how to get to your FTP files.

Find your Bi-Shop Shop folder and double-click to find WP-Admin, WP-Content, WP-Includes.
Now double-click on “WP-Content”, then double-click on “Themes” to find the bishop folder:
Now double-click to open “bishop” and notice the “bishop-child” theme inside. Drag the bishop-child folder to your desktop.
Now click on the GREEN “BACK” BUTTON on your FTP browser.
You should arrive back at this screen:
Drag the child-theme from your desktop to your FTP files.
CAREFUL! Be sure that you DON’T DRAG THE FILE INSIDE ANY OF THE FOLDERS in the FTP. The child-theme should stand alone, like so:
CLOSE YOUR FTP FILES, go to your Wordpress Admin panel, click on “Themes”, and see bishop-Child as a theme option:
ACTIVATE YOUR Bi-Shop CHILD THEME by clicking it to make it appear in the top of the page as the “current theme”. Then click the “Activate” button.

All done! Now on to Step Four.